Cyberpunk 2077

Depends whether you mean Series X or Xbox One. On the series X, perhaps, but on the Xbox One, no.

The relatively weak CPU in the previous gen consoles means that it cuts out a lot of the life in Night City, which is a big part of the experience. There are also bugs…

The PC version is pretty solid though.

Series S here. I did originally pre order, but for me the bugs made it unplayable so I got a refund. Wondering how much, if any, it’s improved since launch.

The Digital Foundry analysis of the game running on Series S was quite positive. Apparently it’s the most consistent console experience --moreso than the Series X because it aims for a lower resolution.

Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 vs Xbox Series X/ Series S - A Huge Improvement Over Last-Gen Consoles - YouTube

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Can you not game on a PC ? Cyber runs fine on PC. a few minor glitches but nothing major.

Not really into PC gaming. I play on Xbox and whatever the latest Nintendo console is. Don’t bother with much else.

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1440p in Ultra with the 3060Ti about 45 FPS in built up areas. Very impressed

Dude you’re dropping a few spoilers here!!!


ah sorry mate

No spoilers gang :eyes:

I’m not saying it would result in a suspended account but I do want to play this game when I can get my hands on a PS5…


You can delete your own post you know :sweat_smile:

Or add a spoiler if you really feel the need to brag about beating a boss.

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I’ve been blurring my eyes to most of the later posts in this thread - I’m still only an hour into the game at this stage, despite trying my best for some screen time :video_game: . Life getting in the way so far since Xmas… :angry:

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I feel your pain. Not on this game but just gaming in general :broken_heart:

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It’s excellent the whole way through. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.

Still loving the game after the story line…

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I’ve reached a point of no return in the story, so I’m having a break from it to finish Death Stranding (also excellent) before going back to Night City.

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Yeah that mission is very good.

Any tips on fist fights ? they seem really difficult ( the one i just tried anyway )