Customize your Top Up Amount

We’ve heard from a few customers that love the Top Up feature but would like to have the option to edit their own amount… so we’re making that happen.

A quick demo



This is a quick preview that we hope to ship in the next release. We hope you like it! Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled on more improvements coming to help you manage and move money with :mondo:

Let us know what you’d like to see next to help you be in more control of your finances. :ear:


Is this the same stripe functionality that was eventually stopped in the UK because it was so expensive?

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Slightly different UX than the UK but the same feature under the hood where you can enter a debit card and it’ll automatically fund your account. The UK is blessed with Faster Payments which makes bank to bank transfer a breeze. The US, unfortunately, is still in the dark ages despite NACHA speeding up ACH transfers - it’s not instant. Although, we hope to see the industry change in 2023 as there are proposals made to quicken ACH in the States.

The US has a few institutions that offer this feature and we’d like to continue to promote it. We have some interesting ideas in the mix for enabling you to ‘auto top up’ akin to how the Starbucks Card works where it automatically adds money if you dip below a certain balance threshold of your choice.