Customise Spending Categories

It would be nice to be able to remove and create categories - for example I would like to separate the Transport category into Fuel, Vehicle Maintenance, Road Tax, Car Insurance and MOT to then be able to see a more detailed break down on what I’m spending per month/year.

This also leads me to raising another idea I had for when a payment is made and having the ability to split that payment into separate categories. For example: I get £10 worth of fuel at the fueling station and decide to pick up a drink from the fridge which costs £2 before I pay the cashier. My payment is made and £12 then gets allocated to my Transport category, when in fact, I actually want the £2 to be allocated to the Groceries category instead.

Hi, welcome to the forum!

There’s already a couple of threads dealing with your ideas that you can find with the search function up top :point_up:

I’ll post links to them below so you can have a look. If you’re keen on them, hit vote at the top of each thread so Monzo can see how popular an idea they each are.

And please do remember to vote in these existing threads… whilst custom categories has been mentioned as something that will be worked on next it is clear from last few weeks things can drop all of a sudden if monzo think there are other higher priorities.

So please vote! :blush:

Closed in favour of the main threads. Please make sure to use search before posting ideas as diluting the vote won’t help these ideas be implemented.