Customer Service: Setting Expectations

Greetings fellow Monzonaughts.

I’ve had a few chats recently with the Customer Service team and I have noticed that for me, one thing that’s really lacking is setting clear expectations whenever a follow up is required.

I’ve been told on a number of occasions “As soon as we hear back from follow up team here we’ll let you know.” On occasions this promise hasn’t been fulfilled and I’ve had to go chasing for an update. It would be great even if the Customer Service team can suggest clear timescales on how long follow ups can be expected to take.

Does anyone have any other experiences they can share of Customer Service not meeting expectations and what do you think can be improved?


I had the same experience recently. I didn’t hear back until almost a week then I asked for an update but no response at all. :tired_face:

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I’m sorry for your experience.

Has the problem been recitifed now or are you still awaiting support?

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It’s been resolved but it was done in another conversation. I started a new conversation to enquire about a transaction and before they close it, I brought that up and it was resolved within an hour or so. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’m glad it’s been resolved.

I think the follow up process for customers could be greatly improved.


Ye they are slow to chase up and respond, but they’ve said they need to scale up their customer support team.

I think plans are already in place to scale up the Support team and a number of interviews are scheduled, if they haven’t already taken place.

The point still stands that follow ups when promised should still be honoured.


Ye I wasn’t sticking up for them, just pointing out they’ve acknowledged the problem

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All points of view are valid :slight_smile:


My experience with CS has been first class on each occasion, with almost instant resolutions.

Apart from my notifications still not working despite tweaking the optimisation setting in apps on my android phone


I’ve always had a good experience. Usually revolved with a couple of hours.

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I’ve had a follow up before after a few hours. But yes you make a valid point.

I’ve always had a good experience,

If you forced me to pick an area for then to improve it would be handover to another cop.

It would be a better experience if the cop currently chatting told the end user the chat would be passed over to xyz rather than a new cop appearing out of the blue and saying hi.

It’s still one of the best support experiences I’ve had though :heart:

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I agree. Follow up is where support falls down hard.


Funnily enough, I always recommend Monzo because they DO follow up! I once contacted them because I couldn’t see my wife in the friend list. They told me to make sure she had it enabled, and when I said I wasnt with her they came back to me later that evening to make sure it was all sorted.


Sorry, but this made me laugh out of context. (Both the first phrase on its own an then the two together when I reached the second one)


Ha ha - I thought that when I was writing it, but thought it was more fun to leave it :wink:

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I don’t think the issue is with individual Customer Service agents taking ownership as I have had great experiences here myself.

I think the issue is more when handing over to another team. I think the ownership then gets a little lost there.

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