Customer Service Representative Role

I remember seeing an opportunity to register interest for a COps role for weekends. However, this isn’t on the job opening page anymore (I didn’t register interest at the time as I wasn’t 18!)

Does anyone know if this job role no longer exists or has it just been removed from the careers page due to the role being filled?


All open roles will be on the careers site, but as Monzo expand the role will definitely open up again so keep a look out.

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The weekend nights role was withdrawn a few weeks ago as they decided they didnt need any more staff for that role. I presume the day role was withdrawn as well

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I would have thought given the circumstances they would be taking all the applicants they could…

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I think they prefer open availabilty roles so they have more flexibility to move staff hours around

Ah, that’s a shame! Thanks though :smiley:

I have a feeling they will advertise again for the role so just keep looking.

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Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for it! I’d love to apply, I just need something to fit around my studies so weekends are ideal.