Custom Tracking

The search feature has a lot of functionality already. This could easily be expanded, to include features such as narrow geo-fenced searches (say I want to track how much money I spend at university or in proximity to my workplace).

We can perform an advanced search, with filters, such as:


In this case, I want to track my monthly spending on Coffee, at all of the shops I tend to buy coffee from…


The problem is, if I want to continually, and easily, keep track of this particular criteria, I have to jump through a lot of hoops to find it or replicate the process.

How about assigning our favourite advanced searches to a dedicated ‘Tracking’ screen, which neatly gives the total expenditure for the given criteria?


This sounds a lot like this idea [an earlier post]?

I have tried to make the idea a bit clearer with some examples of how it may look. Tried to delete the original thread, because it changed quite a bit from my original post, to the extent that I believe it warrants a new cleaned up post.


This isn’t on Android so do you mean like a saved search function?

Yes, I mainly use my Android phone and so can’t even use the search filters yet. But if they are rolled out, I think this could make a nice way to implement custom tracking of spending, either as an alternative to or stop-gap for Custom Categories.