Custom Pot - images to use

These are amazing! Thank you so much you’re an absolute star :star:

Is there any chance you could add the Pizza / Night Out / Furniture / Books/ Tools
/ Home Decor ones if you have any more time? Obviously not an urgent one just thought I used those ones before/will use them again :sweat_smile:

(But understand if you’re fed up ahah!)


Absolutely fantastic, they look great!

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Hey - I’ve added those to the folder just now :slight_smile:

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These are absoloutley stunning, I have 1 request I don’t suppose there is one for hobbies**? I currently use the Midnight Sky set you created and couldn’t see one in there either.

**I paint and collect Warhammer…


Amazing job wow!

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You’re the best! These are stunning thank you so much! :clap::clap::clap:

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While looking for pot images in here yesterday (of which there are lots of amazing ones) I realised what I wanted was the ability to generate images whenever I needed them so I created this:

Pick an icon, pick a background colour, and download the image.


How about this? :rofl:


Oh wow, this is pretty awesome!

Any chance that the new Holographic card background could be incorporated into this?

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This was just being discussed over on this thread: Monzo Pot Image Generator but I will certainly try and make it work.


I’ve updated the site with the plus background now.


Looks like I just missed this whilst you’re working on it but I appreciate the effort all the same! Waiting patiently(ish)!

Sorry yeah I had some issues with it but I’m going to hopefully get it working again soon.

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For the sake of anyone hitting this thread and wondering, the background image stuff has been fixed and is working now.


@pete I’m using a Samsung Galaxy A10s phone right now and it works perfectly. Saves the faff of cropping and wondering if you’ve done it right lol 10/10!!


I get the reference. :milky_way::man_health_worker::mask: I forgot about her until I seen her here! I wonder if she’s still talking to puddles :sweat_smile:

Monzo Premium? Doesn’t appear that the app changes the card colour :eyes: otherwise pot images could look quite snazzy. A very bright white app in a world of “I want dark mode”.

Plus changes the “Current Account” to the Plus card so I think Premium will do the same.

The card changes in-app once you’ve activated the physical card.

Dark mode will be here :soon: (reportedly being tested now)

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App graphics should really change too. Dark mode with a white card and white pot images? :drooling_face:

@nicdall :eyes: