Custom Pot - images to use

Thanks so much @nicdall


This is so sad, but totally understandable. Don’t suppose you fancy doing a tutorial thing for how you make them do you? Me and my partner have a lot more pot images that we would love. Thanks for all the ones that you have already created l

I have few pots n im enjoying it

I’m loving these! Could I request a Union Jack/Passport one for my naturalisation fee pot and also a shield/car with shield in front one for my car insurance

Hi @ndrw! Thanks, I’m glad you like them!

Of course, I’ve added those to the drive just now :smiley:

Link: Pots Images


I created a new pot the other day just to collect change, but I haven’t bought anything so it is still empty ha!

Hi! :wave: I’ve made 16 new pots images for the folders :grin:

I’ve also added a new colour to reflect the Pebble Grey of the business account cards :partying_face:

I’ve also edited all of the hot coral ones as well as the colour was a little off, so they should be better now.

Here’s the full colour palette of the images available:

Preview for the new images:

Link: Pots Images


I’ve been playing around with a new background colour - would anyone be interested if I added this as an option for all image options? :monzopride:


This would be awesome. How do I get it? :nerd_face:

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I’ll be adding the new background to all pots images that I’ve previously made in the next few days. Here’s the link to the folder: Pots Images :slight_smile:


Now being on the new nav, I noticed that the tweaked hot coral colour is a little off - it doesn’t quite match the card colour in app. The older one was an exact match. Maybe it’s intentional?

Loving these pot images regardless :heart_eyes:

Yeah I’ve noticed that as well :pensive: I’ll change them when I have time but there’s now 100+ options, so it’s a little time consuming :joy:

Glad you like them though! I’ve been using the pride ones to see how they look and I am loving them :heart_eyes:


These are all great. Any other colours would also would be appreciated so that they don’t have to match the card colours. Thank you for these by the way :slight_smile:

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Glad you like them! What other colours would you be interested in? :slight_smile:

I think darker colours to make the image ‘pop’.

Racing green

Maybe a yellow/mustard.

I’m using them for all for my pots in the dark blue colour and I really like it.


Ohh good choices! I’ll work on those when I have some free time, might take a while though because there’s 100+ images now :see_no_evil:


Any chance you have a Save the Date one? :slight_smile:

Hey, I applied for access to the google drive, who can sort that out :smiley:

Hi Adam - you don’t need access approved to download from the folder, anyone can view/download but only I can edit :slight_smile:

Interesting, when I sign out of Google I can access the drive, but when I sign in it says I need permission.