✅ Custom Category Creation

Ahhh ok that sucks :cry:. Have you considered an online provider of this service? For example, I see a lot of recommendations for YNAB?

Personally I’ve never used anything like but I’m sure people on here could help if you find something similar? :slightly_smiling_face:

Either way, I hope custom categories comes soon too :grin:

What do you do with the data once you have it? What metrics do you like to see?

You could build something with GoogleSheets and IFTT that will probably cover most things and then you can have as many categorises as you wish.

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Are you using the csv? Usually there is an option to map fields on import, you could just map monzo category to notes or something instead. Alternatively you can edit the csv in excel to remove cols before import.

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Create custom category names to break down spending more specifically. For example ‘hobbies’, ‘sport’, ‘alcohol’, etc.

Hi Thomas , welcome , there is lots of discussion about the same subject that you would like , I found it by searching using the frying pan


Lots of people requesting custom categories and I agree. The main reason I moved from mainstream bank to Monzo is to help budget. The budget feature is far better than Starling because you can pay bills from a pot and you can set a budget on a category.

So the thing that would make it far superior is to allow custom categories. I’m sure I’m not alone wanting to separate out booze, birthdays and Christmas. So why put a restriction in place? The reason Monzo has given is that they want to take the hard work out of allocating categories. Most people that move to Monzo do so because they want to be in control of their finances and don’t mind putting in a little bit of “effort” to do that.

So take another big step forward Monzo.:crossed_fingers:

  1. Add custom categories
  2. at least allow tailoring of category names
  3. allow us to split a transaction across categories

If it makes it easier ignore transfer of historic transactions so at least we can manage our budgets going forward.

If you don’t do it another bank will and it could be a mainstream bank.

Important Note: I would subscribe to Monzo Plus for travel insurance and other goodies (like I did with my mainstream bank). But… If you made me subscribe to get this feature it would completely turn me off Monzo.


What you’ve suggested is now rumoured to be part of Monzo Plus. So once all this pandemic stuff has calmed down it will hopefully be :soon:

Hey guys, a lot was said about custom categories, and add multiple categories in the same transaction. Come on!

This is now part of Monzo Plus :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: