Custom Category Creation

(Colin Robinson) #605

I stick mine in Shopping but add a :gift: to the Notes section.

(Jack) #606

Most of mine goes under family as that’s who they are for.
As @Dunsford mentions tagging posts could help.


Yeah, I’m already using tags but that doesn’t help within the summary report.

And if you use search to find your tags you can’t limit the date range to match your summary.


I’d love to be able to create my own categories. The default ones really don’t work for me. Even if I could rename them, that would help. Currently I use them for things that are not remotely related to the name. For example, I don’t need an Expenses category, so I use that for “Presents”. But I have to remember what I’ve translated it to which is a pain.


YES YES YES! Custom category creation is the sole reason I have sought out this forum and made my first post today.

The current categories do not fit my brain/needs so i simply don’t use them. Being able to Re-name them or create custom categories to organize spending into would totally change the game for me, and i would begin using Monzo a lot more than i currently do.

Though i get the feeling there is a lot of associated functionality that i am also yet to use or understand.