Custom Category Creation

(Colin Robinson) #605

I stick mine in Shopping but add a :gift: to the Notes section.

(Jack) #606

Most of mine goes under family as that’s who they are for.
As @Dunsford mentions tagging posts could help.


Yeah, I’m already using tags but that doesn’t help within the summary report.

And if you use search to find your tags you can’t limit the date range to match your summary.


I’d love to be able to create my own categories. The default ones really don’t work for me. Even if I could rename them, that would help. Currently I use them for things that are not remotely related to the name. For example, I don’t need an Expenses category, so I use that for “Presents”. But I have to remember what I’ve translated it to which is a pain.


YES YES YES! Custom category creation is the sole reason I have sought out this forum and made my first post today.

The current categories do not fit my brain/needs so i simply don’t use them. Being able to Re-name them or create custom categories to organize spending into would totally change the game for me, and i would begin using Monzo a lot more than i currently do.

Though i get the feeling there is a lot of associated functionality that i am also yet to use or understand.

(Jamie Bevan) #610

Yep, agreed. If we are able to create custom categories, perhaps within individual default categories or something, it would be great. I don’t really like how a night out buying beers is categorised as eating out currently :blush:

(Dave Sage) #611

My first post here but a +1 for custom categories (sub-categories) and item splitting across multiple categories.

I know that the lookups that Monzo app performs might get complicated or their internal Analytics might get more complicated but as a joint account holder adding defined custom categories would really help budgeting as sometimes I don’t know what the spend was on a particular transaction as my wife made the purchase and it isn’t obvious.

If we can’t have custom categories could we at least have auto-complete on #tags so ones already used come up as you type (like Slack) if you don’t remember the #tag exactly we can get multiples. Oh and this would need some better inclusion within the summary/budget screens.

Custom categories though please :+1::grin:

(Olivia) #612


Firstly I have had lots of problems with other banks especially their apps. I am new to Monzo and very excited to receive my coral card. The app looks great and is very user friendly! I just had one bit of feedback that it would be really useful if there was the option to rename some of the budget categories or add your own. Because for example I don’t feel ‘Personal Care’ is very relevant to me but would love a category for ‘Coffee’.



Hi @Olivia2 and welcome :wave:

Please refer to this thread discussing this in depth:
Custom Category Creation

(Sean) #614


Categories are great for monitoring and limiting expenses. Ideally the user would be able to crear their own categories to funnel expenditures into, which if repeated enough times would automatically funnel their way into that by the app.

However that’s likely too labour intense an option currently, a useful variant would be to allow users to cluster the existing categories into umbrella terms of their own making.

It would allow one to (e.g) put entertainment, eating out, and holidays, into a category group (e.g. Play) and set a limit on total expense there.

It’s not a massive change, I think, and would allow the individual to feel more in control of how they want to view their expenses.

Obviously small print, fantastic bank/app!

(Oliver Dunk) #615

I’m not sure if this would be easier to implement. That said, I do love the idea.

I was thinking about something similar for Year in Monzo - it’d be nice to filter what gets included, as I’d rather not share certain categories on social media.

(Max Darby) #616

Really like this idea! I always get confused between eating out and entertainment. I’ve I go for beers in a restaurant / bar it classes it as eating out, but I try to put all drinking with my buddies as entertainment so if it was all under one umbrella, this would make life easier!

(Helena Morgan) #617

I like this idea as I have a few categories that not everybody else would have/need.

A good work-around I have found in the meantime is the # feature. I have labelled petrol #hcar or #acar so I can see how much petrol is being spent on both cars.

The same could apply with things like #pub or #carinsurance

I imagine that assigning a self-made category would be a manual task so it isn’t any more effort.

(Sean) #618

Exactly right re the above points - but I’m not suggesting further primary categories (for which manually the hashtag works well, and allows Monzo to continue monitoring their predefined categories), so much as grouping pre-installed categories into umbrella-categories.

This would allow a person to lump several categories that they want to consider together would allow a bit more flexibility such as setting a limit for a blanket term (e.g. Play, encapsulating Eating Out, Entertainment, and Travel), or monitoring them together more readily (though granted it isn’t difficult to undertake some simple addition of categories).

(Jack) #619

Hey all, moved the posts here to join an ongoing discussion, hope this is ok :slight_smile:

(Johnny Hall) #620

That’s exactly what I would be looking for!!

(Tim Brier) #621

I’d find custom categories extremely useful. I have a few hobbies that I spend money on, and I have a monthly budget for each. It’d be ideal if I could make categories for each of them and use the Monzo monthly budget functionality for that.

At the moment I’m fudging it by using some of my “spare” categories, at least let me change the name client side so they look more correct.


It’s not a perfect solution, but in the absence of having custom categories now, you could use hashtags in the notes section.

(Tim Brier) #623

Can hashtags be used with the monthly budget feature?

(Nathan) #624

No they’re simply a search feature, budgets just work with the categories.