✅ Custom Category Creation

Announced as :soon: for Business accounts:

Hopefully will all launch together with plus next week

Yeah. I feel similarly about some web services which don’t necessarily fall under entertainment but aren’t really bills which I think of as more household utilities and the like. I’m thinking things like Dropbox etc. I guess we will all have different ways of looking at this and ultimately the ability to create our own is the best solution long term.

Have been trying to use the hashtags in the notes as not able to create custom categories and you cannot apply hashtags to payments that you initiate such as bank transfers (unless I am being really stupid). This means that not all of the spending that I want to group by hashtag is possible.

If you read a few comments up, there is an update on this feature.

It looks like it is coming as part of Plus, which is Monzos paid for account. Unfortunately due to the current pandemic this has been put on hold, but hopefully it wont be for long.

Wait really, as part of plus? FFS.

Nothing is confirmed but it was found in the app teardowns topic.

Yeah it and splitting a transaction across multiple categories seems pretty much glued on to be in plus :-1:

I’d be very surprised if it were free.

Since I’ve started using IFTTT to add to Google Sheets, I don’t really care about categories anymore. I have a dozen or so of my own that fit my life, mostly the same but with a few tweeks.

Gives me far more flexibility to look at my data and delve into the nerdy things that I want to see.

I’ve always thought of something like custom categories as the thing that finally makes Monzo’s budgeting feature at all usable. Plus should be extras, not what you have to pay for if you just want tools that work.

This is an iOS-Android parity issue. You can vote for it to be fixed here:

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The only thing that’s kept me here is the promise of custom categories.(soon) Without them budgeting is useless to most. I’ve never seen anything of value to me in any “premium” account and I am certainly not prepared to pay extra for what should be a basic feature of the budget. If only available to premium, might as well go back to Starling.


I think it’s all but officially confirmed that this will be part of the new monzo plus


I recently gave up waiting. :twisted_rightwards_arrows:

Hi all,

I’ve recently made the plunge (after many years as a bystander) to full Monzo. I use Microsoft Money for my personal accounting - it’s ancient but it works - and the categories create a real issue. With NO CATEGORY the software will usually fill it in accurately, including inter account transfers, but the Monzo General or Expenses categories just get in the way.

Is it possible to remove the category?


That’s a blast from the past. I remember getting it free with Windows ME.

To answer your question;

No. Not yet, anyway.

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You made me look at dates. It stopped being supported 11 years ago! :open_mouth:

I know this doesn’t help but it may just stop working one day :skull_and_crossbones: You can’t even download it anymore. I’d personally start looking at some new software before it’s too late :scream:

You’re right :slight_smile:

But other similar software (e.g. Banktivity for Mac) has the same limitation - i.e. if there’s no category then the field is auto-filled but the Monzo value prevents this.

Ahhh ok that sucks :cry:. Have you considered an online provider of this service? For example, I see a lot of recommendations for YNAB?

Personally I’ve never used anything like but I’m sure people on here could help if you find something similar? :slightly_smiling_face:

Either way, I hope custom categories comes soon too :grin: