Custom app icons on iOS

(Bradley 🐬) #103

Give us more

(Only available in amateur ) #104

The logo with a Santa hat and some snow round the bottom please

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #105

I liked the BETA Account white app icon, I think BETA testers should get that one back tbh.


I’m with you on that bad boy :joy:

(Alex Mayo) #107


Although I wish there was another for the original investors! Come Wednesday everyone will have an investor card and badge :joy:

(Frank) #108

I thought this was being removed because it was causing some issues? :man_shrugging:t2:

(Only available in amateur ) #109

Only on android

(Frank) #110

Ah okay.

(Kieren) #111

One improvement I would like to see to this, and i don’t know if it is even feasible, is for the Custom Icon to be the one used in the splash screen when you open the app or go to multi-tasking… The lack of uniformity between the 2 at times puts me off of using the custom icons available to me.

(Tom) #112

I don’t think this is doable, pretty sure iOS only allows one image for this.

(Kieren) #113

I had the feeling that this may have been the case, but thought I would throw my two pennies worth in…