Curve Feedback

I have the free curve black subscription from the weird referral promo they did a while ago.

That includes free travel insurance and mobile insurance for as long as Curve survives so I hope they do.

Doesn’t seem the most sustainable promotion but a win for me :man_shrugging:

I don’t really use Curve anymore though. I should checkout the auto spending thing though.


So, because Curve didn’t seem to work in my local shops I stopped using it last year. No idea why - whenever I tried to use it, the payment was always declined at the till, although it actually went through on Curve and charged to the attached card but the shop itself wouldn’t accept that because their till said it had been declined so I had to pay for stuff using another card. And it wasn’t just 1 shop - it was a couple of them.

It would then take Curve 2 or 3 weeks to refund me.

So, after it had done that a few times, I just deleted all my cards out of it and have basically be switching my credit cards over now to ones that support Apple Pay.

Anyway, this weekend, after the changes announced, I decided it was time to formally cancel with them.

Their response?

upon reviewing your account, you have no verified payment cards on your account and your account was automatically blocked due to this. Please add and verify a payment card to your Curve account. For more information on how to do this, please see the ‘Adding Cards to my Curve Wallet’ section of our website

I need to add a card back into Curve to cancel it?


Yeah…. They can go duck themselves for lack of better words

Despite what some say about Curve’s customer service, my experience this morning has been excellent whilst trying to regain access to my account!


That’s excellent to hear I know that considerable investment has put into improving the customer service at Curve.


I went to cancel mine and after a long wait was sent a long email about why it was necessary to introduce the changes and that I could have their first paid tier at a reduced price for a year.

I just don’t personally get enough out of using curve to make it worth my while. I’ve loaded all my cards into Apple Pay and I can easily switch between them.


I cancelled mine in 30s - although they could probably see that I hadn’t used it since 2019 and hadn’t activated the card they sent last December.

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2 funding cards limit on Free tier from the 27th of August:

I can also clarify the confusion surrounding the implementation of the 2 card limit for the free tier after the 27th. To confirm, the product team are currently building logic for the app which will automatically limit Free tier users to two active funding cards in the Curve app from the 27th of August.
This means that the claim that you’ll be able to continue using the cards already in your wallet past the 27th of August until they expire or are manually removed is false. However, this is still in development and I will discuss this with the product team, bearing your feedback on this in mind when I do.

I’m sorry for any misinformation that’s been provided and for the confusion caused.

From Curve X Feedback - #269 by Curve_Joel - Feedback - Curve Community

Completed ignoring whether I think this changes are a good idea or not, one thing seems to certain - the way they have announced these changes has been terrible. Some of the information they have given has been incredibly vague, other pieces of information just incorrect. Customers are being told one thing only to be told that what they were told is wrong.

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Curve has never been great with it’s customer facing messages to be honest. I’m really not sure why.

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Received this email from Curve re changing insurance benefits. Not sure why I got it tbh as I’m on the ‘legacy Black’ which doesn’t include insurance :man_shrugging:


Such a deal for what used to be free……


Is it me or is Curve seeming desperate these days? I feel like they are throwing everything at their users and hoping something sticks. Also just saw they mentioned Monzo in their most recent email:

Also when did they start doing rewards in Crypto?

Blimey - has “last hour before the nightclub shuts” vibes


Fairly recently. Within the last month or so iirc.

I’ve no idea why they did. Seems something tricky to develop for just the tiny amount the average curve user would get back.

Not surprising. Their reason to exist surely must be rapidly going by each day

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I’ve no idea either, especially since the value of the crypto rewards are no higher then Curve cash rewards. Seems pointless.

The value of the crypto rewards is actually less, as they are accompanied by various charges…

Curve is offering pay later and calling it flex.

“Flex lets you bend time and turn past payments into pay-laters with a single swipe. Select an eligible transaction to split it into monthly instalments – at almost any retailer, no high APRs and no hidden costs.”