Curve Feedback

Was Curve breaking some rules? Surely a warning would be a better way to deal with this, followed by a ban if they continued?

I don’t use Curve but I don’t think people should be penalised for using the service if their card works with it.


I could be wrong, but here’s a theory:
Creation aren’t happy that card users are (possibly) churning the money just to acquire reward points.
I came to this assumption as the article specifically mentioned National Savings.

There has always been ways of doing this with other cards, but it is generally frowned on by the card issuers.

So I’m just going to guess maybe people were using credit cards to add money to NS&I and then withdrawing the savings to their current account

Plus getting cashback and rewards at the same time hahaha

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Curve are not exactly transparent so who knows what they have been doing. However, other credit card firms have not done the same afaik.

It’s one thing for Creation to stop any future Curve transactions with their cards, it’s another to close the accounts of any customers who have ever used Curve…


It is very heavy handed, but reward card issuers have always been pretty robust in dealing with people gaming their system. I wonder if anyone can post the specific terms of their cancelled card? I’m always wary using my AmEx with PayPal unless its eBay in case they decide I’m e-cash recycling.

Feels very much like a case of large legacy financial institutions not paying attention to what’s going on in the finch sphere, then massively overreacting. As other’s have pointed out these transactions could easily be blocked entirely or zero-rated for rewards… Similarly, the ‘offenders’ could have been offered the chance to forfeit their points.

Hope Curve doesn’t leave UK or go under.

Some cards do not work with Apple pay, Fitbit pay only has a handful of supported banks, at least in the UK, so via Curve, more banks are supported

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There’s not a lot of money to be made (in fact there’s money to be lost…) if your USP is providing Apple Pay for card issuers too lazy to implement it themselves.

Enabling Apple/Google/etc pay is a particularly bad proposition for Curve - once a customer has it set up, why do they really want/need to pay Curve for a metal card? There’s way more metal in your phone and you either can or do get better bundled insurance elsewhere…

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Apple Pay doesn’t always work, I’ve had it happen and then you left either fishing for the cash, if you have it, or a physical card. With curve I only carry a few physical cards because it can handle the rest. It can be quite useful.

That’s why I have a free Curve card too. But you don’t need Metal for this purpose - so this use case doesn’t drive users towards subscriptions.

If your primary concern is travelling as light as possible, you’d probably stick with the lighter plastic card - right? :slight_smile:

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Sadly I had curve fail more than any Apple Pay transaction regardless of whatever the underlying card was. I could never go out with only my curve card because it would fail often enough I had no confidence in it.


I got some swag for being a curve credit beta tester (never used it really)


Nice swag!

This would have been a marketing masterstroke:



You have missed your calling.

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Gah, I never got any. And I used it a bit.

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For those who were curious like me , value/purchase price of the domain was £273,000

Page 36.


Seeing the chat over here about refunds, is anyone still using Curve had any issues with Go Back In Time? Refunds used to be processed instantaneously, but have taken to popping up in Monzo overnight. Which is less than ideal.

I’m wondering whether it’s a Monzo or Curve thing. :thinking:

If I GBIT from Revolut earlier in the day - the refund hits overnight.

If I do it later on in the day - it appears the next day around lunch time, but the transaction time is 00.00.

It would be an awful lot better if it were instant.

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Take 2. One done at 15.00 yesterday is yet to arrive!

I’m currently using it to get cashback from Chase without really using Chase day to day - but starting to think not worth the faff

Hmm may actually be a Revolut issue - app has problems and a small transfer I just sent there hasn’t arrived either!