Curve Feedback

We’re changing the way you log in to Curve, so that it’s simpler and more secure.

Rather than signing in with an email and password, we’re moving to a multi-factor authentication using mobile number, SMS and your existing passcode.

When will my login change?
In the next few days this will be introduced so you can sit back, update your app, and look forward to a smoother, more secure login.

What do I need to do?
When you open the app, you will see a prompt asking you to re-verify your phone number. Follow the instructions, enter your mobile number and the code that we send you.

Team Curve

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Looks like Creation are contacting everyone who uses one of their credit cards with Curve

I wonder what has made them adopt this policy…

More than likely its because curve are going into the competitor market aka klarna. I believe they stopped allowing the card to be used with klarna as well.
My bank RBS added terms to allow them to charge any curve transaction as a cash transaction already although I believe they have not started the charge yet.
This was the biggest worry with curve, it can be cut off by the card companies.

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They said the same thing about Amex eep


Are Curve’s days numbered???
:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

They will survive as long as others dont do the same and the USA companies dont do it as well.


They are about to launch Curve Credit soon so they will keep them going.

Isn’t it a case of if you accept Mastercard you must accept all Mastercards, I wouldn’t of thought companies can stop curve from being used.

Amex is a different story because it is it’s own payment network.

I’m enjoying curve credit so far, just wish it was easier to make payments on to it to pay off earlier

Can you explain how it works. Do you need to have the money originally before you can spread the cost of it on credit?

For me I got a limit off £1000, don’t know how it was assessed, doesn’t show on my credit file anywhere,
Then payments of atleast £10 can be spread over 3,6,9,12 months interest free

Update… I’ve only used it for random transactions so far to see how it works. I did use it to pay for some yeezys over 3 months which are now paid off

I like that. Do you have to be a metal user for it

I didn’t have Metal, I had legacy black,

I’ve had curve credit for quite a while.
I did change from monzo premium to curve metal yesterday though.

I never moved down the waitlist so never bothered with it

Yeah thats exactly why I suspect Creation blocked them as it affects their target market, the same way the blocked klarna I believe.
I think curve might be waiting to find out what the new regulations are going to be given the gov regulator is looking at klarna and co as they can be very dangerous and have little regulation now.
RBS is toying with the idea of doing interest free on credit card purchases that are large as well it appears.

No the card issuer can decide what you can do with the card, the same way curve blocks purchases from crypto and gambling sites and a few other things.


Been trying to get them to close my account since Saturday afternoon, sent several emails and “chats” in app but absolutely no response from Curve.

Yep, CS seems to have disappeared along with all my old messages… It seemed to coincide with the last app update, but that may mean nothing

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Looks like something monzo should emulate. They have this wonderful forum for customer support after all!

How anyone can use Curve, especially paid accounts, when their customer support is this bad is mind blowing.

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