Curve Feedback

I recently setup a curve account, I was initially resistant as I can pay by phone but having had three times recently where it’s failed and I’ve had to resort to a manual card, there is a use. It also means I carry less physical cards as the curve card covers most of them.

I didn’t know about the lack of section 75 cover, which is a concern.


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I had this happen the other day.
It got refunded on the card the next day though.

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Curve credit is in beta

We’re almost ready to launch Swipe Now, Pay Later (from Curve Credit). But we want to test-drive it with customers like you first. That’s why we’re inviting you to apply to join our Beta group. If accepted, you can get up to £2,500 of interest-free credit on your Curve Card and help us shake up the entire credit industry – for good.

You’ve heard of “Buy Now, Pay Later.” But what’s “Swipe Now, Pay Later"?

Well, we made it up.

Swipe Now, Pay Later is how our interest free product works: swipe on any eligible purchase you’ve made with Curve, then split it into manageable monthly instalments.

You’ll need to pass our affordability and credit checks to be eligible for Swipe Now, Pay Later. Checking your eligibility won’t affect your credit score, but taking out an instalment plan might.

Some FAQs

Interestingly ( at least to me,) airline or travel agency transactions aren’t eligible.

Full list of not allowed transactions linked in the FAQs is not public for some reason,

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I have the following showing in my app:

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Props to Curve, they do seem to be on a bit of a roll atm.

I’m looking forward to giving the Autopilot feature a go. This will allow you to select cards for certain retailers.

Still nothing to make me want to use them for everything (budgeting and account aggregation would have to come a LONG way) but its just good to see progress.


Still just polishing a turd.


Ha, invited to try this out in Beta. Tried to complete the form, one of the fields was malformed and wouldn’t allow input (“What are your monthly outgoings?”). Submitted anyway and was emailed to say that I had been unsuccessful. It invited you to contact them, and I emailed them and asked why. Heard nothing for a while, then they emailed back to say it was due to me not answering the above question. So I told them it wouldn’t allow input, then they came back the next day and said that it had happened to lots of people, and could I reapply? Well, no, because when you click on the Curve Credit Beta key, it just says “Sorry, not this time”…

“Oh” came back the reply, “we didn’t know that”. “Tell me what your outgoings are”. So I duly did, and they said you will have a response in 3 working days. 5 working days later, the same response. I’ve emailed them again, and they said “We’re looking into it”.

Add to that, the separate palaver with Curve Rewards, which they emailed thousands of people about, most of whom didn’t actually have it in the version they had, nor could they download an update.

Curve is run out of the backroom of a pub - well, at least it feels like that.


These look suspiciously similar to what I have in my Santander Everyday Account. Nothing there for me whatsoever, and they are supposed to be suited to the user. Hmmm.

I mention this below, but they apparently emailed thousands of people about, most of whom didn’t actually have the rewards tab in the version they had, nor could they download an update to install it. I raised it with support, and they were COMPLETELY clueless, asking me to delete the app and reinstall it, and all the cards with it. Er, no. Then they tried to claim it was because I was outside the UK (I’m not), then that the CARD was set outside the UK (it’s not). They were just winging it, as seems screamingly obvious.

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My account has been closed for at least a year and I can still log back on to the app and see all the cards I had connected.

It’s astonishing that they haven’t had more trouble from the powers that be

I imagine if someone made a fuss, they would, but a delivery from the brewery has just turned up.