Curve Feedback

Not working for me, unfortunately.

Interested to see them using Plaid, but authorisation goes okay, Monzo and Starling recognise it as an open banking connection, but then the return URL doesn’t work and my details never show in Curve. Monzo and Starling recognise there being a connection to Plaid, though.

Curve seem to be on a bit of a roll with new features at the moment.

As well as the My Money section being launched (whether or not it’s actually working…) they’ve also just released ‘Anti-embarrassment mode’ where you can set a default ‘backup’ card with Curve.

So, if the card actually selected in the app is declined, it’ll automatically charge it to the backup card.


This is a much-requested feature, it’s great they have finally launched it!

I also like how you can select two backup cards, just in case your main nominated backup card is having issues.

What a terrible name, it should simply be called Backup Card although I have found Curve fail across all my cards regardless of available funds in a row before in a store.

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Well you know Curve will continue to be outside of the Curve…

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don’t know if it is just hearsay, but quite a while back, I remember reading something about warrenty on purchases via Curve card and that because it was not via the actual card itself that companies were rejecting the claim?

like I said, it was a long time ago, it may or may not have been true then, and they may have changed since then

time to look for mine, it is in the house somewhere…

I think you may have been reading about Section 75 protection - which imposes a legal duty on credit card companies in the event of a retailer failing to provide redress.

The law states that the credit provider is made “jointly and severally liable” for the goods/service.

Due to a technicality in the way the law is drafted, using a credit card via Curve means you can’t use this protection.

However, it only applies for purchases over £100 anyway, so there is no difference for small purchases.

Good info in this thread,

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Me and my wife jumped head first into Curve after we heard about it, lasted a week before we both closed our accounts.

Why did you close your account just out of interest?

And meanwhile here I am, wanting to try Curve, but their US waitlist just isn’t moving. I’ve been on it for a few months now and have remained at the same spot on the list all the way through.

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I signed up seemingly with no issues, my wife signed up later that day and it wouldn’t let her order a card despite charging her the £5, emailed/online chat with Curve for a solid week before anyone got back to her. By then our £5 promotional balance was expired because you had to make a payment within 7 days of signing up with your debit card to claim it.

Another week later they finally sorted it out and sent her a card but the digital card wouldn’t add to Apple Pay, by the time her physical card turned up my digital card stopped working with Apple Pay as well so we just closed both accounts.

Wasn’t worth it just to carry 1 less debit/credit card.

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And there it is, the evidence of how charging £5 for a card increases the entry barrier and makes people less likely to bother.

I personally feel this was a mistake for Curve.

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