Curve Feedback

It has been a requested feature for a long time now but no updates as to if it will ever come just like Amex support. Also sadly I would have no confidence for it to work properly if it did come as almost all of curves launches are a dogs dinner. Hell they were giving out commercial cards to personal people for a while which no doubt led to increased revenue for them but extra charges if you bought train tickets/plane tickets etc as retails can and do charge a fee for commercial cards.


Yep there’s been some great features requested for a while but they never seem interested enough. Instead implementing silly things such as loyalty cards.

It really sucks, I think Curve has so much potential if they implemented rules and features from open banking such as showing the balances of added cards.

Even just the basics of getting support right is so hit or miss.

They’re launching an interest product which will hopefully earn them enough revenue to invest across the business.

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Does anyone know what happened to their lawsuit against Amex?

All silent, just like their statements about their finances.


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Looks like another potential N26 Metal situation (oh dear!) and may end up with them having to pay out compensation to customers.

Curve really do seem like the answer to a question no one asked. I’m genuinely surprised they’ve made it this far, from an outsiders perspective they really to exude confidence over competence.

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I’m a Curve Metal user but seriously considering the worth of Curve at all more and more.

Especially with Covid more and more places are taking Google Pay without limit, it is just as easy to add all the cards to Google Pay and select the appropriate one when paying in store. Ditto for online shopping.

I actually barely use the physical card nowadays.


This was always my thought. Had they started a decade before, pre digital wallets, been ‘the only card you need’ and grown to such a size that when Google/ Apple Pay became bigger people were already using them out of habit I could have seen them having the user base, and strength, to continue to around long term, but sadly when, as you say, it’s so easy just to add all your cards to ‘the pays’ and remove 75% of the benefits of Curve in one swoop, it will have to have some really killer features aside from that to give people a reason, and IMO they just don’t have that do date.


Quick questions for those have a linked credit card in Curve. When making deposits using my curve card into a savings account, will the credit card company likely see this has a type of thing as a cash withdrawal and charge for this? Seems like they might but curve just suggest checking the t&c with the credit card company but I don’t see a mention of this type of thing

Making company not know is Curve Fronted feature. It is without additional costs for metal users, and 1.5% for everyone else

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Thanks, did some more reading on this and looks like the underlying credit card company can still end up charging for this, so this could end up being quite expensive. Really struggling to find a reason to keep my Curve account open. Oh well…

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Curve has its flaws but I don’t see this as an issue at their end. If you were transferring cash from a credit card directly into a savings account, without using Curve, you’d be charged for a cash advance by your credit card provider.

Well it kinda is an issue with Curve. Using Curve to topup my savings account will cost me 4.5% vs 3% using the credit card directly for a non-purchase transaction. It just makes me think, whats the point… That is all I was saying

Just got an email offering £10 cashback from Curve if I spend £100 at Amazon in the next 14 days…


I see what you mean. My point is that you’ll be charged fees for a cash transaction on a credit card regardless. But yes, the fees would be higher using Curve as the middle-man. If I was doing what you are, I just wouldn’t use Curve for that particular type of transaction.

Will be taking advantage of this definitely.

Haven’t really used my curve card since basically using G Pay for everything but 10% back for 14 days is good.

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