Curve Feedback

I used my card fine earlier today. I deliberately went to buy something small (and took a back-up card) just to check it out when I got notification.

I actually didn’t at the time update the app (as there wasn’t an update available) and not had to go anything with my cards (didn’t need to re-verify any of them and noticed Curve checks over the weekend in them).

I’ve just noticed there is now an update to the app so I’ll grab that, take a look and then might pop out and test the card again to see if the update actually broke it.

Hats off to Curve. I think they handled this magnificently. It helped they had already planned to transition but impressive nonetheless. Some of the other FinTechs aren’t doing as well.

It looks like all will be back to normal in ten minutes anyway

I think Wirecard UK is dead in the water though, either way. Anyone who’s started moving away doesn’t have much reason to stop.