Curve Feedback

And tbh that was only a frig because you couldnt pick the underlying card at the time of purchase. If you dont have curve and use apple pay you will generally always pick the correct card or even if you use the physical cards. Go back in time fixed a problem that curve creates.

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That’s great news. If only my curve card worked. Swapped 2 weeks ago from the black legacy card to the new metal card, in order to still use the card with HMRC without incurring a charge.

Despite receiving the card, it’s not working, support is “looking into it” but how long does it take. Get your finger out curve :rage:

What? Don’t you mean the word if in place of the word because?

I use my curve card above all others, I have several credit cards (non amex) and it has helped me juggle holidays and other large expenses. I also like the metal card, and now that they accept apple pay that is me set. What I really wish Monzo would do is either acquire them or offer deep integration so that curve transactions appeared ‘natively’ in monzo, instead of all as originating from curve.

I think Curve is just too toxic for that…

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I wouldn’t think the Monzo/Curve cross-over would be enough to justify it either. I don’t think Curve offer anything that Monzo needs so any acquisition would have to be justified on serving the needs of existing shared customers.

With Apple Pay support Curve could have a new purpose: as a proxy for cards that don’t support mobile payments. I have several cards like TransferWise Borderless or my Jaja credit card that don’t support it and Curve could be a solution. Might reopen my account just for that.

Was about to say as a way to use a tesco credit card on google pay but tesco treat curve as a cash advance.

I use pysical cards anyway and I pretty much never use my credit card.

Are you sure that’s still true? I was under the impression that they had to rescind that policy.

As I understand the policy was a stop-gap as Curve didn’t send the MCC so their stupid business model of charging for cash advances no longer worked. Now that Curve does pass through the original MCC there should be no need for it anymore.

Its appears RBS may be charging extra for their credit card curve use as well:

This has gone live since mid Jan.

Advances Section Page 2 of the PDF

Purchasing and topping up electronic money or payment cards (including
purchases or top-ups of electronic money that are immediately used to
fund another transaction), vouchers (including electronic vouchers),
travellers’ cheques, foreign currency (for example purchasing currency
through Travelex)

You will be charged a Cash Fee for all Advances. Please see the Charges Tariff for details
of the Cash Fee.

Pretty targeted as that was not in the terms before. I did wonder if banks would start targetting curve given they kept issuing commercial cards to everyone without them knowing so they could stack fee’s onto the underlying card.


My card came today, will be trying it out other next few days, I think the novelty of having all my cards on one may wear off though, as most are for emergency use only and just live in a cupboard


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This blog post might prove useful for people wondering whether Curve Black or Metal provide value for money or not:

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Closed my account 5 days later, was meh is that it, not sure what I was expecting to be fair :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

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Mine is still open, but unused at present.

I just got it, I am planning to use it just attached to my monzo card, with option to switch to Lloyds for ATM if I would need it.
I lost my wallet already couple of times, and switching all my card payments was pain, beeing without my main card was huge inconvenience. Now If I will lose Curve card, I will still have my monzo card
Some people argue that Google Pay offers the same, and it is mostly true, but if you want to pay more then 30£ you still need to have card, so you can’t really leave it at home. Also I wouldn’t mind to diverge from Google Pay so I would be able to root my phone again - what I didnt do first time in my life, because of it

That’s not true for the majority of card terminals. Most support CDCVM which removes the 30£ limit. The only terminals I can think of that don’t support it are at Tesco (on purpose to push their shitty loyalty card instead, technically they are capable of supporting it) and that’s in years of exclusively using Apple Pay in London.

I am buying my groceries at Tesco so maybe this is where this impression came from. But still I would be worried to go to shop without card and learn at the checkout that I need to leave everything and return again with card :laughing:


Shock horror shady businesses try to whitewash their PR.