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I would deffo have signed up to curve metal if the tech insurance went to about 2 grand. But never mind, I guess I will never find the perfect option.

Tbh my tech is covered under my house insurance

@neovo you can buy it extra in the app under insurance section but you get 20% discount as a metal user

Don’t know how much your phone costs but 1250 is max end of what I would assume your device is worth and only £6 a month I think is super good…

If the phone insurance is £1.50 a week with the discount, that’s £6pm. Revolut Metal is £13pm so total of £19pm.

So Curve Metal is actually cheaper overall at £15pm.

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Curve does not have mobile insurance just “gadget insurance” up to £800. Everything I own is worth well over 800 gadget wise so usless. If you just run cheap tech sure you might get some value.

Revolut is cheaper than other other offerings when you factor that in.

My laptop is the issue, it cost almost 2 grand. Having peace of mind about that would make me jump on curve metal.

Don’t have cheap tech, but Curve would cover £800 towards a laptop. Revolut’s insurance is just for mobile phones only so you’d get nothing.

My point is rather have one thing fully insured than all of them slightly

Phone 1.2k
Macbook 2k
iPad Pro. 1.2k ish

Curve would be pointless… better getting Revolut with mobile and then getting a decent home package…

I would get nationwide flex offering but I don’t drive so don’t value breakdown.

Personally I think curve offering is just not complete but if insurance had better term then for sure I would get curve metal in a heartbeat.

Just so you’re aware, you would be covered in any private vehicle in which you are a passenger.

Also, the mobile insurance covers every phone in the household.


Currently overfunding after the first 10 minutes…

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Kept getting server errors as I was going through the process

Have they included institutional investors in the total?

Did anyone here invest?

  • Yes
  • No

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Just got a Curve Black subscription as it appears good value. Also will use it with my Tandem Cashback to get equivalent 1.5% cashback for 90 days (1% Curve, 0.5% Tandem).

I generally use my Monzo for a lot of everyday spending, how does this work with Curve?

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Do you know which ones definitely don’t?

From personal experience…


Tbh, I think it’s the exception to charge - just Natwest and Tesco (and possibly others) being ridiculous.

After all, it doesn’t cost them more than a normal purchase.

Just also remember we’re talking about purchases and account topups (which are treated like purchases).

Cash withdrawals are a whole different issue

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Do you know if any treat it as a cash withdrawal on your credit record even though there’s no withdrawal transaction fee

Interesting read:

Bold aim

“In 10 years time we are going to be IPOed [floated on a stock exchange]… and hopefully worth around $50bn (£40bn) to $60bn,” he says.

And if this does happen, what will Monzo be worth :open_mouth:

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Is Curve worth invested in