Curve Feedback


A startup backed by Santander, it seems.


Wonder if it’s Santander UK backing or if its from HQ in Spain


Do curve charge/ credit card companies charge a fee for using ? (as a cash advance)

(Dan Baker) #1319

When using Tandem with Curve, I haven’t experience any charges so far.


Interesting, cheers :+1:


Probably Santander innoventures. Their early stage investment arm.

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(Peter Magyar) #1322

Curve crowdfunding? Are you interesting?

(Dan Mullen) #1323

Is this to cover their legal costs against Amex?

(lewis oconnor) #1324

I thought it might be that


April Fool’s surely?!

(Kevyn) #1326

Yep it must be.

The camera angle changes so you don’t see the real chip and pin machine when he moves the AR card over the card reader. Therefore it is a recorded image on the phone screen and someone is using a physical card on the real machine to ‘make it work’.

The only way the chip and pin machine can connect at that range is through Bluetooth. At that point would AR really be worth it when you could press a button in-app instead.

A little bit early for a April Fool, 31st March though.

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Ping! I have mail:

Dear Peter,

Last week we notified you that your free trial of the new Curve Black will end today. Since then, we’ve received a lot of feedback and great ideas on how we can extend the Curve Black offering to you and our early adopters for free.

We took some of the feedback you gave us, and we are working on a way to give you access to the new Curve Black free of charge for an unlimited period of time. Exciting, right?!

For the time being, we are extending your free trial of the new Curve Black, so look out for an email from us in the coming weeks on how you can extend your Curve Black for free, forever.

Until then - keep spreading the love and help us grow using your unique referral code.

With a whole lotta love,
Team Curve

(Lewis) #1328

Huh, how did you get that?

Not had an email from them for ages and I’m on the Curve Legacy Black plan too.

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(Lewis) #1329

Just read on the Curve Community everyone is getting them, they’re being sent in batches

(Kevyn) #1330

I got the email this morning. Interested to see what is developed.


I think I’m a bit done with Curve, tbh. Can never see myself subscribing to them, but won’t cancel it as long as it’s free and I get the legacy cash back.

(Graham) #1332

Today’s email is significant, I reckon. Curve has had a troubled passage recently, starting with the Amex issues and the subsequent difficulties in restructuring the product to maintain customer interest.

The strength of feeling within the forum, echoing the frustrations around the various proposed redesign options, has again been acknowledged. (Not being an Amex user) I have high hopes for the Curve card. :slightly_smiling_face:


They’re certainly tenacious. And I do wish them well. I just can’t see where the revenue will come from, let alone the profit.

Hope they prove me wrong, though.

(Graham) #1334

Blowed if I can either.

I wonder if their uniqueness will make them a good target for buy-out?

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(Leon) #1335

I think that would be the only way out for them in the medium to long term. Still it’s fun to watch them at the moment. A bit like Rome burning while you watch.