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Ha! I thought I was going crazy, but I think the same thing is happening to me



Has anybody noticed the way to select a card has been reduced to only this one option?

We used to have the option to select from a grid not just that option above

It’s rather annoying

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I seem to remember that because the grid option was quite popular with people who asked for it back on the curve community Marie suggested it would be returning in a future update. Given their issues that have arisen since i’m not sure how much of a priority bringing it back is, but we can hope.


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They removed it but said it will come back in a future update


Ah that’s a shame

Hope it comes back

(Splodf) #1243

Did Curve give an update as to when the reward card is coming back?

I quite fancy my free lunches.


You’re going to be pretty hungry then!


For what it’s worth, I haven’t confirmed my DOB or address and my current card is still working fine. I wonder if the response from CS was just a kind of empty threat.

This is the response now to my complaint about being put on the new Black with insurance without proper consent

We investigated these matters for you and can confirm that you were moved to the new Curve subscription model as of January 28, 2019.

You have also agreed to the terms of our Privacy Policy that, version dated July, 2019 that states in Section 10: “We may provide you integrations with third-party providers and we may share your personal data with them to provide you these services.”

As per this, Curve provided your identity details to AXA in order to create an AXA insurance policy which is part of the Curve Black services from the 28th of January, 2019. We can confirm that the use of AXA’s insurance policy issued through Curve will not invalidate your other insurance policies and the terms and conditions contain further information on this.

It seems like very shaky logic to me. Have I now given Curve blanket consent to pass on my details to every third party they use for services under their subscription model?!

It’s also not much consolation that any other policy was not invalidated if it was still potentially conflicting and could have held up a claim.

The “resolution” was to grandfather me or downgrade me to Blue, but I switched to Blue a number of days ago :joy:

I get the impression their COps don’t see the whole ticket history. If they do, they don’t look at it, even for a complaint


Did we receive notification of the change of terms and conditions? Don’t companies have to give 2 months notice, or is that just banks? Also the privacy policy isn’t in date yet if accurate.


They also sated July 2019 for the consent you gave :joy:


The replies are so riddled with errors, I’ve started to miss the obvious ones…


I don’t remember accepting updated terms, so maybe something to follow up on too

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Just because you consented doesn’t mean they are legal, companies seem to think adding whatever clause and you clicking ok makes it enforceable.

I think forcing blanket consent breaches gdpr , read here the first few paragraphs, and the example further down is also good

Also consent is invalid section of article.

the consent was bundled up with other terms and conditions


It’s one thing to provide necessary data to third parties to provide you with the services you’ve subscribed to with Curve. It’s a different thing to subscribe you to services without your knowledge or any advance notice

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I think what happened to me was I opened the app one day, and it whirred through an update, and I was on the subscription model. No conscious acceptance of anything. Does that ring a bell for anyone else?


That’s definitely how I remember it.
Even if there were updated terms, there definitely wasn’t a specific request to accept the insurance, I’m sure

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Looks like Curve Rewards are back in the latest update.


I suppose it’s their easiest way to compensate customers :joy:

(Micky) #1256

I dusted off my Curve card thinking they had Amex support once again but seems it was quickly removed after being added. Curve without Amex support is just pointless to me. I have 4 cards I use and the main one is Amex