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Yes, I think you can.

I got Black on a free promo - it would never have been worth paying for it for me.

Basically, I get almost nothing in rewards, because they don’t cover the places I shop, so Black without any fee-free Amex has no real benefits for me. I’m not keen on the topup system they’ve implemented anyway…

All in, it just made more sense to switch to Blue and continue using its core benefit - lots of my cards in one place. It seemed like the easiest way to get off the insurance quickly too.

Plus the total fiasco this week has made me very circumspect about Curve altogether. The communication and delivery have always been a bit scratchy in places, but this is a whole new level.


It’s a terrible way to treat your customers, as well as pointless and wasteful for Curve, so poor service and expensive! :astonished:


The really weird bit is the request for a screenshot.

They trust their own systems so little, they’re relying on me to confirm what subscription I’m on?! :thinking:

I think I’ll see what happens if I just don’t reply. Card hasn’t been blocked yet! Maybe if I never confirm my address, it never will be :joy:


Closed mine down requested a refund will be in next 7 days :wink:

(Ben ) #1190

I feel like the main and perhaps only valuable use case - is if you’re SUCH a prolific user of AMEX that you playing the long game for Points.

If you’ve got the AMEX BA Platinum card, you can use Curve to rack up a greater spend more quickly, so you hit the free companion voucher sooner. At the low cost of 0.65% / £15 a month.

Same with Points, it could be a viable way to earn them faster.

Edit: Should have read more before commenting… Pour one out for Amex on Curve I guess?


IF they ever get Amex back!

(Ben ) #1192

Whoops, I should have read more. That’s a devastating turn of events.

There must have been a huge breach of the t’s and c’s somewhere for this to happen so quickly… Or something not quite being as Curve have said.


To be fair, Curve has more or less tried to carry on as though nothing had happened. It’s a massive issue for them though, now they’ve pretty much built their subscription around Amex

(Ben ) #1194

Indeed, seems difficult to justify the remainder of the premium package if Amex was your thing.

Having just read through the post on the Curve Community page, I wonder if part of the issue is Curve almost ‘acting’ as an ‘Amex Partner’, and therefore invalidating the Merchant Services Agreement for payment processing.

Interesting to see how it pans out.


The Amex topup I did before Amex pulled the plug has been pending in my Amex account since Monday. Just noticed its now been cancelled and removed from my Amex account. Has this happened to others?


I just noticed this on mine too! What’s going on?


Had you already spent the money through Curve?
I still have the funds sitting in my Amex wallet in Curve and assume Curve will remove it at some point.


It’s already spent. I’m curious to see what happens…


Pathetic lol


Inspired by Klarna?


Terrible typo

(Sam) #1202

In app, when looking at the different subscriptions options, Amex support is still shown! More than slightly misleading.

(Andy) #1203

What’s the typo?

(Dan Mullen) #1204

…a few other things that ARE covered…

(Andy) #1205

I still don’t see a terrible typo :man_shrugging:t4:

But yes, Curve


a mess.