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(Sam) #1121

Does annoying know why it is automatically topped up to £100? Seems a really stupid way of doing it. Paid for a food bill yesterday which was 88 quid and only had 40 in the Amex wallet so it ended up topping up £100 instead of £48… surely it would make more sense to keep topping up the exact amount needed for the transaction rather than £100 every time?

Does anyone know the reason for this or if there are any plans to implement this in the future?

(Marcel Ruhf) #1122

Maybe there is a fixed fee component for each transaction, so they want to reduce the amount of transactions to keep costs lower (i.e. Stripe charges 1.4% + 20p per transaction, for Visa and MasterCard at least, Amex is more expensive).

(Sam) #1123

Yeah, that’s the only thing that I could think of, if it was a percentage of the amount then obviously it wouldn’t matter but the added 20p or whatever must be why.

Very annoying, not very much of an integration.


With curve you also get the “go back in time” features, free interbank fx when your underlying card would normally charge for fx and you also get to avoid some of the fees credit cards traditionally charge. With most fintechs you also avoid the ATM withdrawal limits. For example revolut withdrawals through curve don’t get counted by revolut towards their limits

(Leon) #1125

That’s not true as EVERYONE who had a black card before 27/1/2019 will be grandfathered to the old Curve black if you refuse to migrate to new Curve black which is charged at £9.99 a month (after the free 3 month trial of new Curve black) with the additional Amex integration charged at 65 pence for every £100.00 pound topped up.

(Andy) #1126

Curve tiers and rewards = cluster ****

It’s basically lucky dip what tier you’re on and what you end up with. It’s a mess of a communications team.

(Kolok) #1127


Can you find the ones for gadget insurance because I don’t see them anywhere also

(Marcel Ruhf) #1128

They are in the travel terms weirdly.


Just requested my accunt to be closed down, I do not personally see any point in it with #fullmonzo and having Apple Pay granted I do not have additional cards only my single & joint Monzo accounts :joy:

(Kolok) #1130

I was looking at that , but looks like to me that’s talking about gadgets lost whilst traveling,

Because inside the app under black says covered for liquid damage etc but in terms of that pdf linked says black only had loss and theft but metal also had damage cover.

(Leon) #1131

No not at all it’s relatively simple.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1132

Relative to what? Quantum physics?

(Andy) #1133

You’re just being argumentative now.

All you have to do is read the comments here and the comments on the Curve community to realise it is anything but simple.

Every other post is about the confusion!

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Don’t hold your breath. I asked to be downgraded to Blue and they just closed the ticket without a reply - still on Black days later
I wonder if they just forgot to code the downgrade path :joy:


Even when you work out what’s going on, plenty of people feel like a subscription and insurance has been forced on them. It’s really hard to believe Curve thought this was a great idea… :confused:


I’m not too happy with the new subscription method, especially as I paid £50 for my card.

However I will await being moved to the free ‘Curve Black Legacy’ package in 3 months. I may email to see if they can move me to it earlier.

Edit: Well, I actually decided to write the email now. Lets see what happens.


I am emailing to say I am not too happy that I paid £50 for Curve Black with the belief it was in perpetuity, and I have now been forced onto the new version of Curve Black with a monthly subscription.

I do not need worldwide travel insurance.
I do not need worldwide gadget insurance.
I do not have an Amex card.
I do not need unlimited fee-free spending abroad.
I do not need Curve Purchase Protection, as Section 75 is much better as it isn’t an arbitrary decision by a company.

I have also not given you permission, under GDPR, to share my details with AXA or any other insurance provider.

I would like to be moved to Curve Black Legacy straight away, and continue to use my account as I paid for at the start.

Thank you


Let us know the response!

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1144

I’m one of Curve’s very first beta users.

I haven’t had any email from them to officially tell me there are changes afoot. I’m not a member of their forum, so getting my information second–hand here.

It is confusing.

(Leon) #1145

If you are not a member of the Curve forum then yes definitely it would be confusing.

The long and short of it is nothing will change, unless you go out of your way to change things. (Via the app.) If you don’t then it will default to the existing card we all know, which is now called Curve legacy black. Which will come without the insurance and any free AMEX allowance.