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Go back in time to fix transactions is fluff for me. I have yet to make transaction on a wrong card in over 18 years of usage. Free commission transaction rates are offered by most fintech cards now, so nothing new. So it’s essential a Yolt collapsed into a credit card with free currency conversions. I must missing the point. Apologies. Unless you have 15 cards, I would not be tempted to replace my existing cards with this one.


Actually, I do have about 15 cards :sweat_smile:

I was in the camp of not seeing the point of go back in time, but it’s a good tool to manage finances and card usage, additionally I find most good cashback cards charge for fx. So in my 5% cashback card I’m losing 2% in fx fees, as an example.

It’s also good that some cards still don’t treat withdrawals with curve as cash advances. I’ve made withdrawals where Ive earned 5% cashback and paid no fees


If nothing else Curve is one of the best EDC gadgets out there


The point is that you don’t even need to think about which card. Just pay and decide which card you wanted to use later

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That’s the beauty of it.

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You’re probably not missing the point, it’s just not your thing, by the sound of it. A solution to a problem you don’t have, perhaps.

Nonetheless, it’s unique in the marketplace.


It’s 100% a convenience thing!


As a concrete example, I got a 0% purchase card, but it was taking a while to come through the post. When it did arrive, I just added it to Curve and put all my transactions from the intervening week on it.

No great shakes, but pretty convenient. I essentially could pay with a card before I had even received it.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1109

Yep - that too. But don’t let us wax too lyrical about it, or I’ll wind up shelling out for a shiny tin one :rofl:


You could also use to it to extend the interest free period if you wanted to. Put charge on one card, let the statement print on another card and then GBIT.

(Shreyas Zanpure) #1111

Haha. I guess all the MSE tricks can be used. If I start running into issues repaying my credit card bills I might consider it. However I like to keep my finances gimmick free. Unless you consider cashback as a gimmick. I keep it simple. The more gimmicky it is, the more chances of it to go wrong somewhere. Like mismatching the expense with the wrong card due to software bug. Either you will be left scratching your head, or Curve need to know that they have made a mistake. I am sure you will feel I am stretching reality, but being from IT industry, I have seen a lot of things :slight_smile:

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I’m signed up for the beta app on the play store, and just got an update for the new subscriptions and amex, it’s very unclear and the terms and faq haven’t been updated so I don’t know what the insurances cover and doesn’t say about a limit/fees for the free tier using amex.

Also says only 1 amex at the moment per account.

(Andy) #1113

Are people earning 1% cash back on bank transfers using Amex with curve?

I ask because the fee to top up Amex wallet is 0.65%.

(Lyes) #1114

Curve really is a perfect example of how not to keep your customers happy.

They recently released a promotion code for new customers to get Curve Black for free, and have now grandfathered these customers onto a lifetime plan with added benefits over long standing customers from the Beta days. I think they prefer to forget about us unless we’re paying a monthly subscription.

(they’ve also closed the thread where people were discussing this)

(Morty) #1115

I’m still trying to properly understand Curve, as I can’t quite make up my mind about it. So, if it’s ok with you, I just thought I’d have a bit of a brain dump here so that you can tell me whether I’m on the right path or not.

I get that the idea is that I carry one card than many. However I’m using Apple Pay which pretty much covers that for me, so the main advantage off Curve would seem to be that I could use my AMEX in places that don’t currently accept it.

So I downloaded the app to have a play around and have added a card.

Two things:

Firstly, I’m now being asked to add funds to my card. So is Curve a pre-pay card then? I was under the impression it was a direct replacement for my cards, but do I need to transfer funds before I can use it?

Secondly, I’ve had an email saying I’m now covered by AXA Insurance, which seems a bit weird. So having checked out the site, I see that I’ve automatically been put on the Black card, which comes with a monthly fee. I don’t think I had any say on that, and now I can’t seem to cancel it. So how am I charged, or how do I switch to the Blue Card?

Equally, Curve are trying to position themselves as a Business solution. Has anyone used that for tracking expenses?

I run my own business and potentially like the idea of being able to track all expenses. But again, some questions:

  • Would the cards have to be topped up as a pre-paid card?

  • Equally, would I be able to share that account with my co-founder? So he’d be able to track expenses being generated too?

  • We’re using Quickbooks for expenses, which Curve isn’t currently integrated with. So can I get a raw download of transactions (plus receipts) to be able to upload elsewhere?

Thanks for the patience!

(Kolok) #1116

About the prepay it’s only for amex that you need to load curve with, but for visa/MasterCard you don’t and it will charge your card as you go along,

About cancelling I guess contact support

The other questions I’m not sure about,

Also about the insurance I couldn’t find the terms anywhere, would you be able to send some t&c saying what’s covered excesses etc? Thanks

(Morty) #1117

About the prepay it’s only for amex that you need to load curve with

And, looking through the rest of the thread, I get charged 0.65% of what I prepay, correct?

(Kolok) #1118

I believe if you’re on black then the 1st 1k per month is fee free for amex and after is the 0.65%

But for the free tier it’s always 0.65%

(Marcel Ruhf) #1119

Here is the link.

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