Curve Feedback

(Harry) #1080

I quite like the idea of the subscription model, the pricing seems fair in my opinion but until Curve has Apple Pay I won’t use it tbh.


I like the 30 day option for switch payments to another card but I’m not sure it is worth £10 per month for the privilege.


Bundling in insurance puts me straight off.

Firstly, I already have insurance, so I don’t need this right now.

Secondly, I can almost certainly get a better deal elsewhere, because this would be too much cover for me and the wrong cover - I don’t need gadget cover, for example.

I think it’s just lazy to bundle a few products together like this and hope people like your core proposition enough to cough up.

(Ben ) #1083

Absolutely agree. For the majority of the services that do this it seriously changes the overall proposition / value.

Looking at the three packages they include…

  • Travel Cover
  • Mobile Phone Cover
  • Car Hire CDW Cover

For each of those - I can pay the following

  • Travel Cover - World wide annual cover, with a 4* Defacto rating - £35ish. (but cheaper ones exist)
  • Mobile Phone - covered as part of home contents cover, for £100 (which covers more than just gadgets)
  • Car Hire cover - About £3 a day, or £40 for an annual policy.

I’d already have home contents cover anyway - so all the household gadgets sorted in and out of home - not just my own - and that covers everything I own too.

You can of course get separate gadget cover to the tune of about £75+

The car hire cover is useful - but you can get it cheap enough externally and really depends on how often you use it to give it value.

The overall feeling I get is if you are going to use the Super Premium tier, it’s only worth it if the value of the AMEX top up fee per month is greater than what the 0.65% fee would be in the other two tiers.


Just try to look at it from the perspective of someone living in a country where the insurance coverage isn’t available and there’s no amex. So you’re paying for more fx and credit card ATM…

It seems only N26 is doing it somewhat right by adjusting the price depending on the country and services available, tough they still don’t take into account existing local competition


From their forum in the last half hour or so…

[Curve_Marie][Community Manager]

As most of you know, we are launching subscriptions and Curve Metal (UK). We are also adding new benefits for Curve Black. As a current Curve Black cardholder you will have access to both of them, with discounts.

We started this community to become closer with you. To get your perspective, opinions, and ideas. We received the feedback that you want the option of keeping your current Curve Black card benefits, without entering into subscriptions.

We listened, and we want you to know that this choice is now available to you.

Your Options

  • You will still have 6 months to trial the benefits of the new Curve Black. You don’t have to do anything beside updating the app when we launch subscriptions.
  • If you are not convinced after the 6 months’ trial, you will be able to keep your current “original” Black card with its benefit of unlimited fee-free foreign exchange, without paying any monthly subscriptions. (This option will not be available for customers registering for the new Curve Black cardholders after subscriptions is launched).
  • Please note that the Curve “original” Black tier will not have any Amex free top-up allowance or insurance benefits, as these are only being launched as part of the new Curve Black benefits. This tier will not be available to new Curve customers.
  • For a limited period of time, you will also still have the choice of upgrading from your current Curve Black to Curve Metal and get 4 months for free, after you pay the 1st instalment.
  • Please note that if you upgrade to Metal you can’t go back to the original Curve Black and be grandfathered.

(Dan Baker) #1086

Beat me to it!


All is looking more positive.

Fully agree with the chap that posted along the lines of this being a terrible announcement to make on a Thursday/Friday, leaving people incensed over the weekend.

I must admit, I think it’s the strength of communities in general that prevailed though. Without yours and a number of others inputs over on the Curve forum, you could imagine that change just ‘slipping in’. They’ve probably saved themselves a lot of headaches in the long run by doing an about turn.

(Dan Baker) #1088

100% agreed. I’m glad they listened to all of us in the community. I completely understand the charge for Amex now, wouldn’t be sustainable otherwise.

One shame is that we can’t try metal and downgrade to ‘Grey’/‘Old Black’. Other than that, I’m extremely happy with the result.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1089

Great response from a team that listened to its forum. Well done, indeed, Curve. :+1:


The bottom line though is that there’s no fee-free Amex allowance without subscribing to some questionable insurance “benefits”. It’s the usual bundling fudge banks are so adept at misselling…

Amex integration is therefore down as a fail, in my books. :pensive:

Shame it took them a couple of months to put that out in the open!


Has it ever really been that good though?

This was the only thing I was looking forward to, but this whole fudged “top up” system they have, just screams of a “hack” rather than an integration.

Curve very much falls under the “solution for a problem that doesn’t exist” for me now.

*Appreciate it is really useful for some people.

(Dan Baker) #1092

For Curve was going to the full wallet replacement, which it has been for this period I’ve been on the beta. But I’m not for paying £9.99 monthly for Amex ‘support’ and insurance which Amex provides me anyway.

So I’ll be carrying the Curve Card and my Amex card, using Amex everywhere then Curve anywhere that doesn’t accept Amex.


I really appreciate seeing all my card spending in one place, being able to use a credit card for HMRC and a few other places and I love go back in time. Proper Amex support would have nailed it for me.

As it is, I don’t see enough benefit to justify the monthly sub or the 0.65% topup fee instead, so :man_shrugging: and move on…

Tbh, I thought they’d move into credit faster and become profitable by that route, rather than actually COMPLICATE things :joy:

split this topic #1094

I’ve moved eight posts to a new and shiny topic dedicated to all things Amex to keep this one focused on Curve. Hope that’s okay!

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1096

Pretty much, this. Never been an Amex user, so that side of the argument hasn’t particularly bothered me (though it clearly exercises a fair few here).

“Back in time” - definitely got me out of trouble a few times.

Really impressed at the speed of turnround by Curve, though we shouldn’t expect it too often (perish the thought we get development-by-forum).

(Elliot Hague) #1097

To anyone who is not a Curve Customer and would like to test Curve Amex BETA please follow the link below

Thank you for your valued feedback throughout the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme.

You have already received information from us about how we are taking the Curve Closed Beta to the next step.

Along with this, we have created an all-new experience for new Curve customers when they first download the Curve App.

This is where we need your help, so we can test this new feature before rolling it out publicly. We want you to get your friends who don’t use Curve involved, so when they first download the Curve App, they can be the first ever to test our new onboarding process. To get them involved, simply share with them the referral link below, where they can apply to participate.

Here are some things you need to know first:

  • The people you refer must not be a current Curve customer. We’ll check all applicants’ eligibility before inviting them to participate

  • Ensure the friends you refer are interested in signing up to Curve and ordering a Curve card, so we can test the new onboarding process in its entirety

  • This testing period is exclusive to our closed Beta testers and the individuals they refer - the features will be rolled out to the general public in the coming weeks

                                                 Thank you!
                                                 Team Curve

Don’t forget my referal code during signup! NMROD

(Shreyas Zanpure) #1098

I totally do not see the point of this card. I am basically taking my existing credit cards and paying a fee to use them. That’s like paying the newly appointed door-keeper to gain entry to my house…

(Dan Baker) #1099

The fee is only for American Express card and if you’re on the certain tiers. Mastercard and Visa cards are free to use with Curve.


No fees for Visa/MC as already mentioned, all your cards in one, go back in time, instant notifications for legacy cards that don’t have it and free fx with any card that may ordinarily charge for it