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What are the new fees? Not sure I’ve seen anything

Unless just for black users


Nothing is public, although it sounds like some info may have been ‘leaked’ from a closed Beta

I put this post on the forum this morning, before discovering the new information now currently being discussed.

I can’t see it offering any benefit when the more expensive metal card is released.

A huge one is no annual or monthly fee which metal will have a least one of the above, if not the choice of one or the other.

I would think it unlikely to be completely fee free, given the extensive list of benefits being teased:

Curve goes full metal jacket

We will kick-off 2019 by releasing Curve Metal - the most rewarding card in the market yet. With a seductive selection of colours and superbly-crafted finishing, 1% cashback, unlimited fee-free Amex, unlimited access to the intra-bank rate, gadget insurance, worldwide travel insurance, and collision damage waiver insurance - Curve Metal will truly become the only card you’ll ever need. We will initially launch Curve Metal for UK residents only, however we aim to roll it out across the EEA.


The black card will offer the same benefits it currently does over the free version.

This may be about to change:

Adding more benefits to Curve Black

Worldwide travel and medical insurance (for UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain residents to start with), higher fee-free limits for spending abroad, Amex support for UK residents with £1000 fee-free monthly spend, and more - Curve Black is more attractive than ever. If you are already a Curve Black owner, we will send you an email shortly with more information.

Source for both quotes:

The Curve Blog – 18 Dec 18

It’s been an amazing year at Curve and we’re just getting started

As 2018 comes to a close, here at Curve, we’ve been spending time reflecting on this year’s challenges and achievements. It has been an incredible year of growth for us, both in terms of our customer base and our team. We couldn’t have done this…

First post here, but I’m actually watching this quite eagerly - I have a Lloyds Platinum account currently but dependent on the packaged benefits with Metal, it could be an interesting proposition.


In short, I expected Metal to have fees and was surprised that Black would not, particularly given the upcoming likely benefit of Worldwide travel and medical insurance, which if anything was swaying me more into sign-up yesterday.

Nothing is concrete but given the whole thread title, it’s looking likely they will introduce a subscription for Black.


They are here:

@TR1 :point_up_2:


That looks public enough for me now!

Thanks @nickh I’ll be making a decision today…


Bummer, lack of s75 protection means I’m unlikely to use it for large purchases and does somewhat reduce the use case for me.


If some were annoyed at missing a promo, they’re going to be very annoyed if it turns out they need to pay a subscription.

If Curve is still offering Black for a one-off fee, knowing the new model is subscription, that would be bad… [I’m being polite as possible :wink:]

(Elliot Hague) #1067

Please see the information I have received as part of the Beta.

we have updated the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme

Today we are updating your Curve Amex Closed Beta App’s functionality. We are also launching our new Curve Black benefits, early access toCurve Metal and our subscription model - exclusively to our Beta testers.

We are unveiling the following updates to the Curve Amex Closed Beta App’s functionality:

  • Auto top-up is now available
  • You can now add more than one Amex card
  • Balance calculation on your Amex wallet is now fixed
  • You can change your cards’ images and nicknames
  • You can delete any of your cards

We are also bringing additional benefits to our new Curve Black proposition, which you can be the first to experience when you upgrade the app:

Add your Amex® cards
with auto top-up and no fees for the first £1,000 per month

Unlimited Fee-free Spending
on 200+ currencies, with access to the interbank rate

Worldwide Travel Insurance
for you and your family with up to £15m medical coverage

Worldwide Gadget Insurance
for your precious belongings including your current ones

When launched to everyone in the coming weeks, the new Curve Black will be on a subscription-based service of £9.99 per month, without any fixed contract.

As a Curve Black Beta tester, when you upgrade your app you will get six months of the new Curve Black, with all its new benefits, for free . Your first subscription charge will be in six months and we will remind you well in advance. Then you’ll be able to choose if you want to continue enjoying the benefits of Curve Black or downgrade to Curve Blue.

With this update we will also be giving you exclusive early access to CurveMetal, which will be launched on a subscription-based service of £14.99 per month (or £150 if paid annually in advance). As a Curve Black Beta tester you can access Curve Metal with an introductory discount , if you upgrade through the latest Curve Beta App update. We’ll share further details on the Curve Metal launch on a separate email.

Please note:

  • This update is currently exclusive to the Curve Amex Closed Beta participants: you are getting these improvements and benefits before anyone else, to help us test them before launch.
  • While we would prefer you to update the app, this update is optional. To opt out, simply stay on the current version of the app.
  • These additional features of Curve Black and access to CurveMetal will be rolled out to all Curve customers in the coming weeks, once the Beta Programme is closed. All current Black card customers will have access to the introductory discounts then.

Curve Subscription


It’s still available via the app right now.

(Elliot Hague) #1069

I think they are going to honour people who pay the £50 black fee get 6 months free on the new one

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1070

Thanks @ehague, it all looks pretty clear now. Looks like it’s “Blue card - here I come” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Really disappointing.


That doesn’t really cut the mustard for all those that signed up for a ‘one-off’ fee.

They would have been better off leaving Black alone and launching 2 new accounts IMO, Metal and I don’t know, some other intermediate, maybe Platinum I’m not a marketer, but something to reflect the fact that they are adding gadget cover and travel insurance in addition to the normal Black benefits (you would reasonably expect a monthly cost for these).

Instead, the message seems to come across as you paid £50 for life, but now you need to pay another £9.99/m or we:

  • cut your fee-free ATM withdrawals from £400 to £200
  • cut your fee-free spend abroad from unlimited to £500
  • cut your time-travel functionality from 30 days to 14 days (is this a thing, I can’t see what the time-travel limit was before) sounds like it was 14 previously, so ignore this point

OR, just keep the new benefits exclusive to Metal.

Not the smoothest of transitions for existing customers.

(Elliot Hague) #1072

I love curve as a product just not the customer service aspect and the delay in getting back to you. I have been with them since 2016 and the system is great.

In the recent months the system has been allot more stable than previous years with payment processing issues.

Hopefully I am able to keep my curve metal card after the 4 months when I downgrade to a blue for the first time. I already have travel insurance and phone insurance

Referal code is NMROD

(Elliot Hague) #1073

This is currently 14 days now has increased to 30 on black/metal.

I am waiting on a response from support regarding the changes and what happens if I choose to downgrade.

Don’t forget the free wallet which lasted me a month.

(Dan Baker) #1074

They’ve confirmed that you won’t be able to. You can keep the card, but it will be deactivated and you will receive a new card in which ever colour you downgrade to.

(Elliot Hague) #1075

That seem’s a waste of money. I would happily pay for a metal card and no perks. Better than carrying a wallet.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1076

And don’t get me wrong - I’m very impressed with the Curve product, irrespective of the colour of the card.


Do the existing black memebers have to pay the new monthly fees?

(Leon) #1078

I believe so. From what I have read they give you a 6 month grace period.

(Ben ) #1079

Those fee structures are interesting. Seems like £9.99 / £14.99 is the Fintech going rate for Premium accounts / Metal Cards then.

I’d be interested in the version that has fee-free amex but without the extra perks built in (insurance etc) but at those prices it’s not that compelling.

Can anyone on the beta explain how the Amex works? You top up a pot in Curve? What happens when you make a transaction / how does it appear on your Amex bill?