Curve Feedback


From their wording it seems the cashback will not be a metal exclusive feature as they mention having started it as a trial for 3 months and wanting to expand it, so presumably it would be expanded to balack card users also


It’s silly, but both the black card and the blue card are… black!

(Dan Baker) #1013

This is both true and not true.

They’re original card was Black at Blue status. Then they remade them with Black cards being the premium version and blue being the basic. So they have two types of Black cards and haven’t made it clear at all what each of them mean and how to tell them apart!


The intrabank exchange rate is only up to 15k spend a year for Black, so I read this as removing that limit.

Personally, I don’t get anyway near the Black limit, but might be a big deal for some.

Hard to see why a specialist credit card wouldn’t be better though, if you’re really spending that much while travelling, just for added security. And you can link it to curve and set the currency anyway if you want too

(Dan Baker) #1015

I hope this is true, but I’ve not seen anything stating the Black card will get long-term cash back. But if it does, I probably won’t be looking at the metal card.

My main thing is how do ‘downgrades’ work. I could get on the Metal card for a month then drop back down to Black - do I get to keep the metal card on the black level or will they send a new black card?

(Dan Baker) #1016

Exactly, someone who spends that much should be looking at something like Tandem - 0% FX fees and the benefits of paying with Credit, instant notifications etc


I was so confused at one point, I had to message CS to find out what I was on.
Surely a single line in the app or on the card would have been sensible!

(Dan Baker) #1018

Yeah exactly that!

They in no way differentiate the cards other than colour, then confuse the line up with having two tiers the same colour!


If it’s anything like Revolut, you’re tied in for a year

(Dan Baker) #1020

I managed to get the Black card for free using a promo code, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered paying the £50 -> definitely not worth it.

So probably no hope for doing some cheats to get a metal card :confused:

(Ghost) #1021

Does said code still exist?

(Dan Baker) #1022

Nope, afraid not. It was a short time, for new customers. But I blagged my way in - mixture of luck, annoyance and human error got me it!


There was another code - not sure if it’s still live.

See here

Edit: code was /is REISE

(Ghost) #1024

I’m assuming I need to get in touch with them to get this, if they’ll still honor it.


People have asked on the forum whether it’s still valid - no reply…

If it was me, I’d just try it and see!

(Peter Reid) #1026

I was just able to sign up using the REISE code, got the black card for £1.


Anyone got any details on how much this new matal card is going to cost?

(Dan Baker) #1028

Nope, not announced yet. I’m sure they’ll be very vocal once the details are out.

(Splodf) #1029

Anyone still using Curve after the initial 3 month cashback period is over? I’m really struggling to find a reason to do so other then I like the look of the card.


Go back in time, all your cards in one and no fx fees. Still using it, even bought a smaller, less bulky wallet