Curve Feedback

(Dan Baker) #991

For my use case, I’m happy with the ‘Top-up’ method.

Basically, I have the Curve Black card, which I got for free as a promotion (usually £50, and it’s 100% not worth that price right now). I’m an Amex Cashback everyday card user, which I got just before the beta (I was holding off because I mainly used my curve card).

The top up is limited to £1000 a month (30 day rolling, not calendar month), and I’ve just hit it. If I were to top up anymore I’d be charged the 0.65%, so I’m not going to do that as I’ll just use the AMEX card itself if I need to.

The biggest annoyance for me is that it doesn’t pass through transaction details like it does for every other card. So there is a promotion starting 1st December, which gives you £5 back on a £10+ spend at select places. In this case, I will just have to use the Amex card. Little annoying but I’m okay with that.

The main thing people are complaining about is the Curve Blue users always having to pay 0.65%, which if I was a Curve Blue user would put me off 100%. And also not being able to withdraw cash from the Amex Wallet in curve, but again for me that’s fine due to having a Tandem card which through Curve is no fees cash withdrawal.

TLDR; For my use case I’m happy despite the many issues/downfalls etc. Don’t join Curve for it, don’t pay for Curve Black, don’t use it on Curve Blue. But if, like me, you’re happy with the shortcomings then it’s really nice having all your cards in one physical card (which might soon support Apple Pay).


Not passing through the transaction details sounds like the biggest annoyance to me.
I thought the whole point of Curve passing through the MCC was so that you could get points/rewards/offers on your underlying cards, which would be very convenient with Amex.

Given recent history, I’m not too surprised cash is off limits.

Are you getting cashback on the topups?
I know Amex is accepted more and more, but it’s still sooo annoying the number of times it gets rejected (online, in shops, even at railway stations…). I can see myself topping up small amounts as a very convenient way to get around the limited acceptance.

In hindsight, very glad I blagged a Black card though!

(Dan Baker) #993

I am getting cash back on the total of the top-ups (£100 at a time), still 5% as it’s my first 3 months!

I really like how I don’t have to worry about Amex acceptance, that and the convince of carry only the one card make this worth it to me.


Curve’s growth remains impressive. Bialick says the company has been growing its user base by around 40% each month with a group of 100,000 cardholders now spending £1,500 per month on average.


I’m just waiting on my curve card coming in the post. Can I check, they don’t charge any fees for transactions using cards that aren’t Amex do they?


No fees indeed but watch out for foreign currency spending as they typically step in to do the conversion themselves.


What’s there to whatch out for? They use the interbank rate with no fees except for weekends


This is what I mean :slight_smile: