Curve Feedback

(Sam) #999

Is the top up just because its currently in testing though? Or will I constantly have to top up to curve?

(Dan Baker) #1000

They’re getting around Amex’s policies through a top-up system. There are auto-top up features available to ensure you don’t have to manually maintain a balance. But there is no plan to remove the wallet top ups.

(Sam) #1001

Ah right okay, thanks for the reply. I have just read lots about it and have seen that there is a fee for Blue Card members… I have been using curve since the beta but have just had to request a new card… I noticed that the card on the app

is black does this mean that I have maybe automatically been upgraded to black or is it just an error?


Mine is Black in-app and Blue in real life… Sorry

(Sam) #1003

Ah okay thanks… got a little bit excited there for a second! Not sure if its worth the £50 to upgrade so I can use Amex without fees up to £1000 hmmm…

(Dan Baker) #1004

I have Curve Black, and will say it’s definitely not worth £50. The majority of it pays for the wallet they send with, which I’m not using either.

Wait for them to release the Metal subscription setup. Mainly because they’re adding benefits to the Black card along with all the benefits of Metal. So worth waiting and seeing. Use the blue card to test Curve itself and see how it works etc.

(Sam) #1005

Thanks for your help :+1: I have had curve for about a year now but never really used it. Only if I get caught short when I’m out I will put a payment on there to go to my credit card.

The introduction of Amex really excited me until I found out there is going to be fees.

I feel like they may make metal like revolut and have it on a subscription basis which I don’t want. Will have to see.

(Dan Baker) #1006

I can confirm 100% the metal card will be a subscription. I’m hearing both monthly and yearly, but there are a long list of benefits that come with it which might be more helpful for some. For me personally, the metal doesn’t seem worth it as to pay for something like this monthly it has to be something I will use often. The current list is:

  • 1% cashback (currently even the black card runs out after 3 months) - no current word on number of retailers etc.
  • Unlimited fee-free Amex popups (Blue is 0.65% for every top-up and Black is free up to £1000 a month)
  • ‘Unlimited access to the intra-bank rate’ (this hasn’t been clarified, and worries me as I thought this was a standard feature of Curve regardless of level)
  • Gadget insurance (no details yet)
  • Worldwide travel insurance (no details yet)
  • Collision damage waiver insurance (no clue what this means)
  • And of course the metal card in a variety of colours (I’m hoping they add a Black metal one):

(Sam) #1007

Oh wow thanks a lot for all the info you’ve been a great help! Lastly, don’t suppose you know the aimed date of these cards do you?

(Dan Baker) #1008

Nothing specific other than ‘We will kick-off 2019 by releasing Curve Metal’. To me that means January, otherwise they would have said early 2019?

Might be wishful thinking though!

This is what their roadmap shows. Amex is currently in closed beta, so making progress…


(Sam) #1009

Thanks so much you’ve been a really good help!

(Dan Baker) #1010

No problem, happy to help for any Curve questions :slight_smile:


From their wording it seems the cashback will not be a metal exclusive feature as they mention having started it as a trial for 3 months and wanting to expand it, so presumably it would be expanded to balack card users also


It’s silly, but both the black card and the blue card are… black!

(Dan Baker) #1013

This is both true and not true.

They’re original card was Black at Blue status. Then they remade them with Black cards being the premium version and blue being the basic. So they have two types of Black cards and haven’t made it clear at all what each of them mean and how to tell them apart!


The intrabank exchange rate is only up to 15k spend a year for Black, so I read this as removing that limit.

Personally, I don’t get anyway near the Black limit, but might be a big deal for some.

Hard to see why a specialist credit card wouldn’t be better though, if you’re really spending that much while travelling, just for added security. And you can link it to curve and set the currency anyway if you want too

(Dan Baker) #1015

I hope this is true, but I’ve not seen anything stating the Black card will get long-term cash back. But if it does, I probably won’t be looking at the metal card.

My main thing is how do ‘downgrades’ work. I could get on the Metal card for a month then drop back down to Black - do I get to keep the metal card on the black level or will they send a new black card?

(Dan Baker) #1016

Exactly, someone who spends that much should be looking at something like Tandem - 0% FX fees and the benefits of paying with Credit, instant notifications etc


I was so confused at one point, I had to message CS to find out what I was on.
Surely a single line in the app or on the card would have been sensible!

(Dan Baker) #1018

Yeah exactly that!

They in no way differentiate the cards other than colour, then confuse the line up with having two tiers the same colour!