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That’s great news for many. Does anyone know why they need a beta and it’s been so hard for them to release Amex support? What works differently from them to MasterCard and Visa?


Watch out, you’ll be “expected” to give feedback


I got the email announcing Amex support. I read it as them announcing a Curve branded Amex to start with. Which seemed like a bold move.

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Lol I haven’t got a Amex card so good luck with them wanting my feedback.


I doubt that is because it’s hard to implement, it has probably more to do with fees and lack of incentive.

When it come to incentive, in 2019 Amex is getting out of most European countries, most of which curve does business in, meaning less amex cardholders.

When it comes to fees, amex charges higher merchant fees than Visa or MasterCard, meaning if you pay with the curve card and then get that charged to an amex card, curve is paying the difference. They most certainly worked out a deal with amex to pay them less in fees.

The potential upside for curve in supporting amex is that with amex pulling out of most of europe, and consequent lack of interest from merchants in said countries in supporting amex at pos terminals, UK amex cardholders will be able to shop with amex in Europe through curve’s mastercard

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Used to be a real mega fan of curve and was the only card I took to to work for ease of use. Lately payment fail quite a lot which has made me
Think they’ve gone unreliable to say the least :-1: The thing I do like about Curve is the rewards that’s one of the main reasons I use it and the fact you can switch between different accounts in seconds


I’ve been using curve recently, a lot, and not had one single failed transcation - strange :man_shrugging:


What is Curve’s business model?

Also does anyone actually have a use case for Curve? I have one but I only have like 2 cards and I don’t know anyone that’d carry lots of cards and I can’t see why anyone would

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There model is to have all banks in one card so you can switch between them I believe?

For me though I like to use it for the rewards part that’s the reason I joined them, I have a black card so get highest rate of cash back from their current offerings

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If you use a debit card and a credit card, it’s possible to transfer purchases from the debit card to the credit card towards the end of the month if you’re running short. The fact that you can do this after the event is handy.


And that’s discounting the main purpose of curve, carrying around only one card, tough that’s not very realistic for most people. It should at least reduce the number of card you carry around and besides convenience, it’s also good to keep your cards safe in case you lose your wallet. Just one card to cancel and replace

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My concern with Curve is that it’s a single point of failure, and they use GPS which has proven very unreliable in the past.

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I currently carry 3 cards.

  1. Curve Mastercard - where all my spending goes on unless it is more than £100. I can choose whichever one of my accounts I want to use. Sometimes I put purchases on my credit card then pay it off on my debit card by time shifting it. Equally, as mentioned above, if I use it with my debit card, I can timeshift it to my credit card to get some extra money if I’m short. I may directly use Apple Pay with a normal card for transactions before I use Curve though.
  2. Monzo Mastercard - In case GPS fails when using Curve I still have a debit card.
  3. Visa Credit Card - incase Mastercard goes down, GPS or Monzo have failures or for purchases over £100.

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Just FYI, if anyone has a Starling Business account, Curve seems to have whitelisted their BIN so you can now add your Starling Business card to Curve. :+1:t2:

Unfortunately the vertical card image looks out of place, they should’ve used the Apple Pay image instead:

Anyone from Curve reading this? :wink:

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Does anyone have this issue with the iOS curve app? When you click on the contact form from within the app it doesn’t send a message haven’t worked from day 1 from any of the updates :thinking:

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Yep, I’ve had this issue since I signed up too. I reported it to them on twitter, and they told me to just DM them. So I do that every time I have a support question.

Not a fan of the curve app, but it serves a purpose. I do really like the product despite the issues I have with them.


Anyone got onto the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme?

Mentioned on the blog with link to apply:

So not really ‘closed’ :laughing:


What a bodge job, topping up then spending, plus a 0.65% fee.

Why would I bother?

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I’m a Curve Black user on the Amex Beta. If anyone has any questions on how things work/look/behave, I’ll do my best to explain.


More interested in your opinion! :slight_smile:

Is this worth waiting for?