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If Curve went into the rewards game I would prefer it. Their business model isn’t very clear to be honest and it’s kind of boring as it is :roll_eyes: if they gave me incentives for using their card like points that I can redeem for flyer miles etc that’d be a lot better, and I would actively use my curve.

(Andy) #950

That’s what I’ve explained!

(Leon) #951

Then you added this


(Andy) #952

I would have to pay £50 and I would lose instant cashback and have no cashback after 3 months.

(Leon) #953

No no no. Did you have an account before the February 18th? (Free or paid) If so you are still on the better offer (Curve Rewards) even if you do upgrade no matter when you upgrade. If not then no.

(Andy) #954

:man_facepalming:t4: You’re actually agreeing with me.

I’m saying the upgrade is a bad thing, long term, for me. But lets just leave this here, its getting silly.

(Leon) #957

No not at all. You don’t lose what you already have, so when you said you’ll lose your instant cashback that’s definitely fake news. Your comment that you’ll have no cashback after 90 days is also fake news but whatever, you do you. :+1:

I’ll include the below for you.


My wife used your code to sign up to the black card with the wallet… (due to a comment on here saying it worked).

She was charged £50… oops.

A few messages to CS (which took 5 days to respond), and she was told that the code was for the Black card only, not the wallet… But as it had taken them so long to respond, they’d refund it.

I’ve never found Curve CS to be particularly good to be honest - It’s one of the reasons I don’t use it often.

The wallet is nice enough though!

(Andy) #959

Yikes. I think the take home here is that Curve promotions and cashback are a confusing mess!

My friend got the Curve Black and wallet and hasn’t been charged £50 as a brand new customer using that particular code.

(Andy Freeburn) #960

I got charged the £50 as well - CS confirmed the code should have been for the Black Card only and not the wallet - but in my case (despite an even longer 7 day wait for a response) they’ve refunded me half the charge (£25) with the other half conditional upon me posting back the wallet to them!

Seems like a very unprofessional way to do business - easy decision for me to cancel everything with them and not touch them again…

(Andy) #961

Out of curiosity, how did you get charged? Did they take the payment from the first connected card?

Once you enter the code, it should not allow you to choose the wallet, without telling you it will charge you. I agree, seems a very unprofessional way to do things, especially when others have got the wallet without charge.


I can’t comment on the sign up process, as my wife did it (as a new customer).

But yeah, it was the first connected card that got charged the £50.

(Andy Freeburn) #963

Yeah it was the first connected card that got charged - the annoying thing is i selected the black card and wallet from the options then applied the code - and it said code applied successfully… if it was only for the black card - it should have stopped me applying the code to the selection i had made…


I believe this is the same thing that happened to my wife.

We sent through numerous questions along the lines of, “please refund/cancel the wallet, and send out the black card - Or cancel it altogether if the code is no longer valid”.

However… Curve sent the wallet/card out instantly (credit to them for that) - But they didn’t respond to the emails at all (boo).

The only reason I’m not moaning too much is because they gave me the full refund and told me to keep the wallet.

(Andy) #965

I 100% agree! This is very poor customer service as it is clearly an error on their part in accepting the code.

@JackO can I ask, did you get charged?

(JackO) #966

Yes turns out I did. I’ve contacted them and they’re telling me to send back the wallet and keep the card and they’re refunded half the amount until I’ve sent it back to them.

I agree there was no way of telling that we would be charged, it was a very badly run promotion.

It’s quite annoying, but I can’t really be bothered to argue with them.


I wonder if they had the same issue with a few people, and ended up going down that route (rather than mine, of fully refunding the entire £50).

For a small group of people, it would probably be better just to refund the whole lot with no fuss - Rather than this “half now, half later” business.


Complete mess, however you look at it!


I hope it’s because they’re busy preparing for the return of Amex! :wink:

(Leon) #970

It’s interesting that you’ve said that.