Curve Feedback


Plus the interbank rate is not always better than the MasterCard rate

(Leon) #929

It is 90 per cent of the time though.


Tbh, unless you’re a business user for Revolut or something, 99.999% of us aren’t ever going to spend enough or transfer enough to actually notice the miniscule difference between either rate. They’re both pretty good.

(Andy) #931

New users, if you use code PUL53 you can currently get the £50 card for free.

It’s a good time to join.

(Dan Baker) #932

I tried using this code, but apparently it’s only for customers who participated in a marketing survey :pensive:

(Andy) #933

So you aren’t a new customer?

(Dan Baker) #934

I created a new account, it accepted one of the £5 referral codes but not the one for the Curve Black card.

(Andy) #935

Yeah it’s only for new customers unfortunately. Like most bank switching offers I imagine they will check against address and details.

(JackO) #936

Awesome, thank you! That worked for the wallet thing and the black card

(Andy) #937

You’re welcome. I didn’t know if it would work with the wallet option, I was waiting to see if my friend got the wallet or just the black card!


I reckon you may be able to blag your way with this if you’ve only had an account very recently… Worth having a chat with their CS maybe.?

(Andy) #939

I’m actually not keen on the black card, I don’t think it’s worth £50. The wallet however would be nice to have.

(Adam) #940

Can confirm the code worked for the black card and the wallet. Thought I’d jump on in this with that offer. Thanks @Anzo


Do you have to select that you want the black card and then add the promo code?

(Leon) #942

I don’t think the above code works now as I’ve tried it on a alternative account and it’s doing nothing for me.

(Andy) #943

It may be a time limited thing, I can confirm the wallet did arrive with this offer.

(Leon) #945

Not true as I managed to sweet talk them into honouring the free black card for me even though I am a long time customer with them.


I can confirm someone I know has had the account for a year or more. He “just asked” CS about this code and got upgraded.

(Andy) #947

See, I’m not sure it is an “upgrade.” You only get instant cashback on 6 merchants for 3 months, then its back to no cashback.

If you have free curve before February 18, you get instant cashback with selected retailers unlimited! I wouldn’t want to lose that and “pay” £50.

(Leon) #948

Nope that depends on when they had an account. There is a difference between Curve Rewards and Curve Cashback.

No matter when you update it’s counted on when you first opened the account as a free or paid customer.