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I got an email from Curve today reminding me I’ve not used them in a while… And saw a few comments about the Dynamic MCC thing and other bits about ATM issues.

I wondered if anyone here has used Curve to withdraw Cash from a foreign ATM, linked to their Monzo account - and how this comes up in the app?

Would this still prompt Monzo to charge a fee if it’s over the £200 monthly limit?


Yes, Curve have changed their transactions to pass along the code. It used to register everything as an online transaction, which it no longer does obviously. If I remember right some people were salty because of cash recycling (which is rumoured to have made Amex pull out), but Curve said those people aren’t who they wanted anyways


Just withdraw a tenner and see! Or, better still, just read all those mystical T&Cs that will tell you exactly…


Just got this mail from Curve…

(Kolok) #912

Also just got it, the mark-up during weekends is 0.5 on GBP EUR USD and 1.5% on everything else.

On weekends, which we count as Friday 23:59 - Sunday 23:59, the UK foreign exchange markets are closed. During this time, we take the rate from Friday 23:59 and charge an additional 0.5% for all transactions made in GBP, EUR and USD and 1.5% for all other supported currencies.

Revolut add-on between 0.5% and 2% during weekends depending on the transaction.


From what I’ve experienced and read about Revolut - when you make a foreign transaction on a weekend, they spin their numberwang wheel to decide that you’ll be paying numberwang percent extra for the transaction in case of currency movements (which have a net impact of 0% on them).

If you work out that it was wrong and call them out then it was definitely a glitch and they will look into it :cowboy_hat_face:

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got that, but use Curve all the time, so don’t think they are sending out selectively other than selecting customers!!


but then with Revolut you can covert your Stirling into Euros before the weekend if you want to avoid arbitrary markups.

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I’ve been using Curve a lot this year, problem-free. With the announcement around FX spend I had a query which, although answered speedily by Curve’s CS, leaves my wondering about the card currency feature which applies to each underlying card.

Perhaps someone can elucidate…

I asked whether, in using my Curve card (with the Monzo card selected) I should change the card currency from £ to €. (In my mind it would negate the risk of being charged for conversion by the merchant).

Curve said leave it as £. So I will.

But what’s the point of being able to change the currency?


At weekends so you can use monzo’s conversion rather than the loaded curve rate?

Also, I have a euro denominated debit card so I set it to euros in curve.

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I thought that the rate with curve would be the same as Monzo’s. The interbank rate?


Monzo and starling both use the MasterCard rate, which is slightly worse then the interbank rate. However, they don’t add an additional percentage at weekends

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And there’s a difference between the Curve rate and the Monzo/ Starling rate?


Yep - Curve are using the interbank rate during the week, with additions at weekend, same as Revolut. Monzo/Starling use MasterCard rate all the time.

The difference is tiny though. Would have to be spending big to make any noticeable difference

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Gotcha (knew about Revolut - not Curve). So would I be better just using my Monzo card and not Curve for purchases during the week?

(Clearly I will for weekends for the reason you give).


Monzo through Curve (or any card through Curve) would get you the best mid week rate. Interbank better than MasterCard

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Great - thanks for that @frankysnr.


Hope I’m right now!

(Ben) #927

Just to demonstrate that - if you look at rates for last Sunday USD/GBP:

Interbank -
1 USD = 0.764995 GBP
$1000 = £764.99

Mastercard -
1 USD = 0.768507 GBP
$1000 = £768.51

Difference - about £3.50 for every $1k.

If you add the 0.5% weekend fee on the interbank rate - you’re looking at about £3.80 in charges.

(Obviously will vary on day to day and currency, but…)