Curve Feedback


Are we still thinking AMEX is back on the cards?


One of the stated “benefits” of Curve passing on the MCC was that you should be able to earn points etc. on the underlying card, when spending at qualifying retailers.

That sounded to me 100% like a way to get Amex back on board.


I know they’ve been wanting to launch in NA and having the MCC passthrough is really important in the US and Canada as almost every reward card is category based.


I suppose we’ll find out today…


(Harry) #893

YAY, I might actually use Curve now!


If curve can pass on enough info to Amex that I get the correct rewards then this is a huge step forward.

Just need curve added to apple pay and l’ll have everything going through it.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #895

WOW! I’d given up hope. I’ll have to dig out that Curve card again.


It’s in the pipeline apparently.

(Kolok) #897

And they also said that Google pay is in the pipeline


Looks like there will be a “small surcharge” for Amex… :disappointed:

Curve and American Express are Back Together Again!

(Kolok) #899

Say there may be, it’s just their speculation, although I wouldn’t be surprised.


Curve retweeted this without comment, so I should think it’s probably close to the mark.


If they charge for using Amex - I’m out.


I think they also re-tweeted an article which stated Curve-Amex “could” be free for Black card holders (or exclusive to Black card holders).

Until they announce it, it’s just guess work.


Why? It’s completely reasonable considering you suddenly can use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted. There’s a reason merchants don’t take AMEX cards. They’re expensive to process compared to VISA and Mastercard :slight_smile: Curve letting you bypass that restriction is probably worth the small surcharge.


The only benefit to using amex is the additional rewards over the MasterCards I have. Why would I swap a potential future benefit (the extra amex reward I’ll eventually receive) for a definite cost now?

(Kolok) #905

Unless you’re spending big amounts I fail to see a value in paying a surcharge to get points that hopefully after 2 years be able to afford a one way ticket plus tax to somewhere.


Surely something has to give to make Curve + Amex work financially - especially for Amex?

As I understand it, Amex interchange fees are much greater so they can afford the various points schemes on offer. If Amex aren’t getting the interchange (because it goes to Curve at the lower Mastercard rate instead) then things won’t add up…

There have to be fees somewhere in the equation, surely? Either for the customer or for Curve (who don’t seem to me to have a robust and sustainable income model anyway!)


(Kolok) #907

I was thinking maybe it’s worth it for amex to get all of peoples spending data ,not just what they spend where amex is accepted, so they’ve made a deal for cheap processing rates for curve,

Maybe it will just be free or a small surcharge where amex isn’t currently accepted , and the curve on amex will get declined if that place accepts amex ,

That’s what I would do if I was curve.