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Latest update forces either touch ID or passcode?


(Dave) #869

I’ve just received my first Curve card and it has “Commercial” on the back. As far as I am aware I didn’t sign up for a business account. I’ve asked them about this and will report back when I get a reply.


I can’t remember exactly (it was so long ago), but I think this might be to do with “why you want Curve” - Those questions at the start.

Any hint of business use, and you seem to get the Commercial card.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #871

Curve customer services is crap, sent a request last Weds and no response sent a follow up the other day and still nothing.


Not for a new card, something account related

(Dave) #872

Publicly they are saying this is because they are upgrading everyone to the new debit cards and are receiving a higher number of support requests. Shame though. I might use it with some caution for the time being.


It took them ten days to get back to me on my most recent support request so do be prepared to be waiting a while!

It’s never been the quickest but generally you’d always get a response same day. Not sure what’s happening at the moment.

I’ve been using curve for a number of months daily and is normally the only card I carry, however recent declines, duplicate transactions and extended waiting time for support I may be dropping it soon.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #874

How long does it take for your cashback to show?


Shows for me at the same time as the transaction notification

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #876

I don’t think I am getting it then as I have never seen it.

Still waiting for a response from them as to why :rage:


How not to say anything

Looks like Curve is deliberately offloading users then. The logic here is paper thin, IMO.

It’s really not acceptable to tell your customers to check their terms with every credit card they’ve attached. How is that simplifying your financial life?

ATM withdrawals must have been costing a fortune, so a more likely reason for the change.

(Leon) #878

Huh so are Curve customer service supposed to know every part of the T&C for every card in the UK, just to help people that can’t be bothered to read them themselves?

I think it’s perfectly acceptable as personal responsibility goes a long long long way.

(Kevyn) #879

I agree. You should know the major parts of the terms and conditions of your debit or credit cards such as penalties and fees. It isn’t for Curve to educate people on their own financial literacy.

Curves point is that you need to abide by your cards terms and conditions instead of trying to avoid them by using Curve. Curve did allow this in the past but Amex took them to account over it months ago and I’m sure the others credit card companies have now done the same when they worked it out.

(David Allardice) #880

You’re absolutely right, but Curve is supposed to make life easier. Curve customers will now need to understand the T&Cs for both Curve and the underlying card for any unusual transaction, and many customers won’t see the benefit of Curve for the overhead of another set of rules.

Which is a longwinded way of saying that right now I still don’t understand Curve’s long term business strategy, but I’m watching with interest.


The earlier attempt by Tesco to charge cash handling fees for all Curve transactions is an indication of how wide some terms are worded.
Simply reading the terms may not tell you whether you’ll be charged cash for a given transaction or not, as the transaction you’re doing with curve may not even be possible with the credit card anyway.

You may need to know what MCC Curve is forwarding, but you can’t see that without asking, then you’re supposed to know how your credit card handles the specific MCC…

That’s a heavy burden on users.

(David Allardice) #882

e.g. I’m still arguing with one credit card company insisting on charging me a “Non-Sterling” fee for a transaction in Sterling, in Gibraltar, which is a UK territory where Sterling is the currency.

I carefully checked the T&Cs in advance which state that a fee is charged for “non-Sterling” transactions. Adding Curve to that mix would add significant additional complexity to any resolution…


Are they trying to argue the currency in Gibraltar is officially GIP instead of GBP?

A bit far fetched, but a typical move from a bank if that’s the case…


The card networks don’t even support GIP as a valid currency (all Gib cards are marked as GBP), not sure how they are arguing it’s a non-sterling transaction.


Going back to the last topic that was related to Curve itself, I think it’s pretty reasonable that the customer should themselves be aware of their card T&C’s. You shouldn’t have agreed to them if you didn’t read them! :smiley:

You’d think people would take more care when it comes to something that can literally ruin their lives. (although unlikely to)

(David Allardice) #886

Just to close of the Gibraltar question, in the end they did back down and refund the charge “on a goodwill basis”

But the key point is that T&Cs do not necessarily include every minor point that you may have in dealing with a financial institution, so while I accept that a Curve customer should know the underlying terms of their issuing institution, adding Curve to the mix with another set of T&Cs adds complexity, which is what Curve is marketed as reducing.


This is important, I think. Before Curve changed their policy on passing through merchant category codes (MCC), I was pretty sure I understood how everything worked. Purchases on Curve would be treated like online payments on my underlying credit card, and no fees for cash withdrawals (as long as you didn’t go mad).

Now, with the change to MCCs and the no international fee thing, I’m left confused about how things work - particularly when my credit card T&Cs kick in overseas and when they are intercepted (for want of a better word) by Curve. There’s a whole level of complexity here that is making Curve less appealing for me to the point where I’m considering swapping it out of my wallet for a credit card.