Curve Feedback

(Starling Guru) #808

I think it was the debit card, I’m now guessing there are two?


I think they’ve just changed the design:


This was discussed on the other community, but that’s no more


Yeah, we were talking about it earlier:

(This place has a bit more traffic that the other place did :wink: )


The email sent out to users only suggests actual cash withdrawals will be affected

How will ATM withdrawals with credit cards be affected? This change also means that from now on your card issuer will be able to identify cash withdrawals from your payment card. Your card issuer may charge you when withdrawing cash from a credit card. In principle, withdrawing cash with a credit card is not recommended, as it may affect your credit score, and can lead to debt. To avoid this, we strongly recommend that you only withdraw cash from a debit account

Anyone tried a cashlike transaction, eg Monzo topup? Or


Call me a cynic but I bet it had something to do with the relative charges to curve for credit cards vs debit cards


(Starling Guru) #815

I got my new card Saturday, not bad.

I also changed over to their new cashback program as the old one had far less companies on there.

Use it a lot more now especially for TfL payments.


a 0% credit feature ?


No idea - I can’t imagine they could offer that could they?

What other 0% things could they do?

Foreign withdrawals (or does that exist already?)

(Andy) #818

But that scheme is only for the first three months?

(Change Works) #819

They do charge for foreign use at the moment

For purchases and ATM withdrawals made abroad with Curve we do the currency exchange for you at a wholesale rate, and we add a small 1% foreign exchange fee to cover the underlying costs.

If you make an ATM withdrawal in another currency whilst abroad, there is a £2 flat rate fee per withdrawal.

You may withdraw up to £200 from your credit cards each calendar month as per our Fair Use Policy, amounts over this are subject to a 2% fee.

(Starling Guru) #820

I never used the card anyway so 3 months is fine, the old scheme had nowhere I shopped in.

(Rob) #821

The 0% reference above will make zero difference to those of us that bank with Monzo, Starling, or indeed many other Fintechs that exist in the marketplace. Curve will be making announcement very soon (later this week, I think).

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #822

The percentage of customers who still use the card after a couple of weeks?

(vebaev) #823

Probably is the fee spending abroad will be 0, which almost all fintechs do have from ages…


Considering the mask behind the text is a guy travelling, I think it’s pretty certain it’s free foreign spending.


Nice to see Curve have ditched their ridiculous plastic packaging for a simple bit of card!

Unless that’s only for replacement cards…

(vebaev) #826

My new card arrived in a nice packaging similar to Revolut but bit bigger

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #827

It may have been ‘nice’ but if was like Starling, it will be unnecessarily comprised of mixed plastic and card, which is pretty unrecyclable and therefore evil for something you’ll throw away after 30 seconds.