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I thought the same!


You do know that secretly Starling have been sabotaging GPS’s systems so that everyone leaves them.

Then when it’s just Starling left, they’ll have a service with far less activity, and they won’t have had to pay a penny to develop their own!

Genius! lol

(Peter Roberts) #730

I think I recall Starling at some point posting that GPS have issues because a particular consumer of the GPS API isn’t servicing its sessions / transactions quickly. So that’s pretty concerning about GPS

  1. A user of the API can cause a denial of service to other users
  2. That architecturally is really not great - it speaks to a pretty bad API design


Did anyone else get this email about curve paying for drinks during the England match? It implies that everyone will get their drinks paid for doesn’t it? But the terms and conditions (not on the email, only linked) say they’ll pick 100 ppl to pay back


That’s sneaky, I too read it as anyone who posts their pic with the hashtag


yep. they later fessed up to it being 100 then increased it to 150. Interestingly the rules were it had to be a picture of you and your companions enjoying the drinks and some of the early posts only consisted of the drinks, so interesting how they interpreted this in awarding the payoff. Wouldn’t want to be their Business & Legal Affairs chap those type of “carbolic smoke ball” contracts can come back to bite you - speaks the voice of experience!

(Ben) #734

Yeah that email is super dodgy in my opinion.

They’re supposed to share the Ts and Cs that affect the promotion in the same page as the actual promo itself. They also can’t use the Ts and Cs to contradict what the offer is!

I think if the Advertising Standards Agency got wind of it they wouldn’t do too well :confused:

(Andy) #735

I got an email today saying my Curve card will be blocked on Monday because of the Ticketmaster issue. This is less than ideal

(Carl Barrett) #736

Me too. Replying to that email is a tiny bit concerning when I could have just sent a message in the app. Alas, my card is locked and I await the arrival of my new one.

(Jamie Penman-Smithson) #737

Something similar happened to me and I asked via the in app chat, they were able to adjust my Curve Reward points.

One time I had to provide a receipt from Café Nero to prove it was made there, which is easy if you use the Nero app.


heads up on the set your underlying card currency feature - it’s not worrying for me at the moment, I set my tandem card to euros a week ago, a few transactions went through as Euros ok, but then they started appearing as converted to pounds with a note saying I’d saved on FX! I’ve queried it with them but after several days still no resolution - they’re looking into it.

(Alex R) #739

Signed up for Curve a few days ago. Still “currently pending approval”. The online help has a section on waitlist and says that i can check my position in the waitlist in the app, but i see no such option anywhere in the app. Asked support but nothing yet. Can anyone shed any light?

Also, I was asked to set a 4-digit pin, but the app doesn’t ask for it when I open it. That’s a little concerning …


The 4 digit PIN you set up was for your card.
You will need to set up a PIN for your app too.
This gives you the chance to make them different for increased security or the same for simplicity.


how long does curve card pending approval period take?
i’ve been waiting for 15 days and no info anywhere on progress…


I wonder if they have some problems, I’ve been waiting over a week for a response to my query re my card


All your cards in one? Visa problems, Mastercard problems, payment processors’ problems. All in the past month or so. Good luck.


I never get support via app or email quickly, only way seems to be twitter direct messages!


They finally got back to me - had to re-add the card, but they compensated me for all of the incorrect transactions.


Are you comfortable with open banking? I mean, isn’t it better if one of your banks doesn’t know all details about your spending habits from your other bank?


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