Curve Feedback

(Zain Jetha) #21

This would be phenomenal

(Zain Jetha) #22

You certainly can but until there is an integration via means of api I won’t bother. Transaction data and maps etc are all unavailable as data captured isn’t submitted to monzo.


I signed up for Curve around ten days ago. Somehow, the idea of carrying just one card, that could encompass debit and credit cards, appeared appealing.

The sign up process was a breeze. I added UK debit and credit cards for verification and I was verified.

The following day, Curve unverified the account and requested that I send them copies of passport or driving licence and utility bill via email.

This is where the alarm bells started ringing.

Monzo, Starling, Tide all have procedures within the app to verify identity and upload documents. I’m not a developer but with what IT experience I do have, I suspect that this has security advantages over sending sensitive documents via plain email.

For a FinTech company, Curve’s relatively low-tech approach was alarming. I refused to email the documents citing the potential risk of this method.

Any communication with Curve customer service regarding my concern with emailing was just met with a canned response asking for documents to be emailed, and each response took around a day.

When I told them that Monzo, Starling and Tide do all this in-app, it suddenly dawned on them that I could send these as attachments on their in-app customer service messaging system. Which is clunky and inelegant.

So I did this, yesterday, and they have reverified my account. I’m now entirely underwhelmed by their product and I really have no idea what problem it is going to solve for me.

I just can’t see the point of their product?

And I can’t add my AMEX card.

I don’t think this solves any real problem and I have grave concerns about a company that is unreceptive of customer questions, is intransigent and plays fast and loose with the security of customer personal data.

When I asked how they thought the Information Commissioner would view this process, they told me that there were regulations that they operated in this way. When I asked which regulations they back tracked. I don’t like any company trying to BS customers.

I have yet to activate the Curve card. I don’t think I will.

(Nick) #24

I think the trouble with innovations like Curve is that they do attempt to solve a problem that is not there.

It becomes a gimmick that we think we need, that we don’t.

If for example I carry just a Curve card and lose it - I’ve lost all my cards and don’t have access to any of them. If I carry a debit card and a credit card and lose one, I at least have the other available to me.

How many cards do you need? If you have 2-3 credit cards, an Amex and a Debit card - just carry what you need - carry your debit card and one credit card and that’s it - simple.

I really can see a lot of these innovations being short-lived. People will sign up to them, use them for a while and then find they are not quite as good as expected and drop them.

That’s my thoughts anyway…


I am in complete agreement with you, Nick.

And if I do lose a card, or don’t have it with me, there is often the option of ApplePay from the iPhone. Not a failsafe in itself, but can sometimes help and lessens the need for Curve.

(Nick) #26

Totally. I just think sometimes consolidating so much financial data in one area (card or app) is not the best approach. Then when a card expires, everything needs updating and it all becomes a faff to know what card is linked to what app, and what app does what etc. :slight_smile:

(Zain Jetha) #27

So far no negative experience.

I think curve will step more into its element post PSD2 - the way I see it, as it does it currently refills cards / this is almost like screenscraping - hardly very high tech. Their product is ahead of time so I wouldn’t can them too early!

(Jonathan) #28

Have you tried StoCard? That works for me but at ztesco it is hit and miss


In what way is it ahead of the, ahem, curve?

Genuine question, why is it so good? I’m struggling to find why I need it now?


It saves me carrying a number of cards. If I lose my Curve I have not lost my original card so can still access my account. I earn points on my Halfords purchases. If my original card becomes faulty my Curve steps in. I can reverse an expenses on one account and swap it over to another account. I have ability to get email receipts free as well as by text. I also only need to remember the one pin not separate ones per card. When I want to spend my points I just change the default card in my app from say Coutts or Natwest to Curve, no need for vouchers or gift cards.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #31

I still cannot find a good use case for my Curve card. It sits in a drawer and the card is frozen in the app. I still think it throws up more problems than it solves, especially where your Consumer Credit Act protection is concerned.


What is it intended to be used for?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #33

Well it was originally heavily sold on being able to use Amex (and collect rewards) wherever Mastercard was accepted, but Amex killed that. Now it’s real-time notifications, cheap FX, spend tagging etc all of which is catered for better by Monzo who actually see a bank balance and don’t populate your statement with metadata (everything is shown as bought at ‘Curve**’)


Me neither. I carry one debit card and one credit card so it’s hardly going to thin my wallet.
I was half way through the curve application when i gave myself a sanity check and came to the conclusion I didnt need it.

(Lyes) #35

Each time I use my Curve card with a certain merchant, it debits the amount (say £50), then around ten days later it gets refunded, then a couple of days after that the £50 is taken again, under a slightly different merchant name.

It’s really annoying, and causes havoc on my bank card statements. I have reported this but they say it is to do with how the merchant is processing the payment. Yet this doesn’t happen if I use any other card with the merchant.


The only good thing that I can think of about Curve is we get a fiver each when you use my referral code at

Referral code: UKNCX
What’s in it for you: £5 when you sign up and make first transaction
What’s in it for me: £5 when you sign up and make first transaction

But I wouldn’t encourage to bother with it.


Same here, I actually cancelled my Curve card recently - kinda regretting I’ve paid 50£ for it now given that I must’ve used it a handful of times at most.

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Just used this



Oh Danny. You didn’t. :thinking:

Oh. You did! :neutral_face:

(Caspar) #40

Another thread reminded me I got a Curve Beta card ages ago and forgot to even activate it (I just checked my emails and I got it sent on 14 November, so almost exactly a year!).

I just set it up, and added my Monzo card and a credit card I put a little spending on each month.

I just tried to use it at Boots, as they have a 1.5% rewards deal there, but it was declined. I’d even written the PIN on my hand to make sure I got it correct first time (so I probably looked really dodgy to the cashier). I didn’t want to faff going into the app and changing the payment source and trying again so I pulled out my proper credit card to pay.

Then I tried to change the PIN to my usual one in an ATM but it refused to let me.

Nothing has come up in the app like I’d expect Monzo to, for declined transactions or PIN changes.

So far, not impressed. I do like the idea - I have a bunch of debit or credit cards I don’t carry with me but have on occasion wished I’d taken for specific purchases or to retailers. And I spend a lot in Boots so any cashback/rewards would be welcome there. But if it’s going to decline and not tell me why, I’m not going to bother.