Curve Feedback

For now…

As well as the 1.5% charge, there are unspecified changes to their privacy policy and only 15 days notice of these changes - I’m not actually convinced that this notification complies with FCA rules

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Excuse my ignorance, but could you elaborate on this please?
I can’t seem to work out how to send the Monzo.Me link to myself

Get your link, for example (or whatever it is) either paste it into another device, or if you are using the device that has monzo installed, you must use incognito (as otherwise it will open the monzo app and say you can’t pay yourself)

You can then checkout with your curve card and the money will land into your monzo account.

A tip here, open the curve app and make sure the card it’s charging to isn’t your curve cash , then fill out the card details on , and right before you click ‘pay’ switch the underlying payment card to the curve cash one.

This is due to active card checks which may take £1 and refund a few minutes later, as that eats into your points balance temporarily.


Many thanks
I sent myself the email link, and paid myself via my laptop.
Worked perfectly :grin::grin::grin:

Now to work out how i’m going to blow the £13.70 :rofl::rofl::rofl:

On a serious note though, I think that’s my time with Curve finished.
Now the cashback bonus is gone, I really can’t see any real value.

I am always open to suggestions if i have missed something though.


I haven’t used Curve in ages, but they sent me an email the other day offering 500 points (£5) if I use my card.

So I’d advise you to keep the card, as long as you are not paying for it, even if you don’t use it.


Totally agree used to rave about curve, I’m classed as legacy black nowadays as not going to pay for
Their premium account, apparently I still get the Cashback from the old companies (Argos, just eat, B&Q, Wilko etc) however I’ve tried and it just doesn’t update even though their customer service said it will still give me points anyone have this same issue? I’ve retired the card to the draw as like others don’t see any real value to them anymore seem to use airtime rewards to get more already got around £40 from them so it all adds up. :dollar:

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Please let it be so… Fitbit Pay! :watch: Can anyone in this community, verify this works with a Versa 1 or 2?

I do enjoy using my curve card as it has its benefits. Granted it’s not perfect but it’s been brilliant for me

I have been using it with my Fitbit Ionic for the last 3 days. Works perfectly with Monzo. Although switch off some of the instant alerts - Fitbit, Curve and Monzo all alerting for the same transaction is a bit much!

It means we finally have Fitbit pay with Monzo (and any other card that Curve supports, of course).


Sounds really good!

I really havnt given Curve a chance as i have been really skeptical about its security and payment protection, needless to say my Curve card is expected to arrive on Dec 20th on or around so its definitely time to give it ago,

The worst that could happen is its going to just sit in a draw if i dont like it!

That’s what mine does. Not used it in over a year and don’t miss it tbh

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I re-downloaded the app the other day after they offered me another 3 months of 1% cashback on the free tier.

Otherwise it would be in the drawer.

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Never had any cashback from this card. Received it around Jan 2018, but it never got used at any of the merchants partnered with at that time, so no real benefit for me.

Was worth trying out. Just wasn’t for me. Doesn’t mean it may not be useful to others though.

Gotta admit I was a bit incredulous that they gave me a ‘gift’ of re-choosing my retailers that I get cashback on!

Still as I do all my Christmas shopping with Amazon mostly getting 1% back on that haul was worth it! Also looking in the all world list there were a few more retailers in there that I could use including pretty much all the supermarkets so my grocery shop is basically 1% discounted all the time now. But is it worth the £15 a month I pay for it? Not really.

I’m still debating the real use case for this product at the moment, we will see.

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I’m only using it for the cashback and current competition they’re running to win money back. It’s better now they support Google Pay however.


I agree, I only noticed they support Google pay from when they added this section on their community:

‘Curve Send’ - interesting.

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It’s an interesting concept. I can see this being a slight sticking point for many people, though

The recipient will then get notified and be asked to take a photo of their bank card, and Curve will send the money directly

Handy for those who want to send money to themselves in another country, though.

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I dont understand the point of it if I’m honest.

I’m struggling to work out what their benefit would be (unless its international transaction fees) how are they going to cover the cost?

Also why would people take photos of their bank cards to verify the recipient? What are curve doing with that information?

It just seems like a really half baked idea for a company that’s not entirely sure how to make itself any different from google/apple/samsung pay.

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