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This sounds like it might actually be good, especially if Curve pack it with rewards such as cashback etc?

Yeah this sounds pretty interesting if they could pull it off. That’s a big if. Curve have a very poor history of execution.

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I recently back to Curve after an offer and frankly they are pants. Customer service is non-existant, and on a more relevant level I’m not sure what Curve actually exists for now, before Google Pay/Apple Wallet it made sense to have one card.
Go back in time was really a cover for the poor execution of handling different payments on different cards which still relies on broadly defined categories.
So that leaves Fronted which is a good way to pay your tax bill on a credit card.
I personally wouldn’t trust them running a wallet app on my phone, and why do I need it I already have one?

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Hey Siri, please insert GIF of a car crash which is what will happen the first time people get double charged by Curve on their phone.
I wouldn’t trust these clowns to bring me a glass of water

Copilot did well here:

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Thanks David… that made my day. I am currently in dispute with them over a refunded curve black fee that they claim they sent mid-may which Plutus says they haven’t got.
TL;DR, they charge me immediately a fee of £5.99 for cancelling the account, but have not repaid the £9.99 curve black fee they said they would.
I asked the ultimate question… given you owed me £9.99 and i owed you £5.99 why not just refund me £4 instead of charging me again and then delaying the refund… but I think we all know the reasons

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I’m glad it’s not just me that thinks they’re completely useless.

Honestly, how they’re still in business is beyond me. And they’re expected to announce profitability this year too!

The icing on the cake is losing section 75 protection on a credit card purchase. Yikes.


I had stopped using them for ages on the free plan but was aware I had £10 in my curve cash balance. Went to use it, only to find my card had expired a couple of months before and they hadn’t even notified me let alone automatically replaced it, although they had sent me a survey asking why I’d stopped using them, after the card had expired.

I ordered a replacement, which asked me to check my address - I’d moved since last issue so updated it to current, which confirmed and saved, only to receive an email confirmation that they were dispatching it to my previous previous address, where I’d first got the card.

Fortunately customer services responded within a few hours, which is a turn up for the books, and arranged a new card to the correct address but what an absolute palaver! I eventually managed to spend the £10 and don’t see me using the account again now.

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