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I’m glad it’s not just me that thinks they’re completely useless.

Honestly, how they’re still in business is beyond me. And they’re expected to announce profitability this year too!

The icing on the cake is losing section 75 protection on a credit card purchase. Yikes.


I had stopped using them for ages on the free plan but was aware I had £10 in my curve cash balance. Went to use it, only to find my card had expired a couple of months before and they hadn’t even notified me let alone automatically replaced it, although they had sent me a survey asking why I’d stopped using them, after the card had expired.

I ordered a replacement, which asked me to check my address - I’d moved since last issue so updated it to current, which confirmed and saved, only to receive an email confirmation that they were dispatching it to my previous previous address, where I’d first got the card.

Fortunately customer services responded within a few hours, which is a turn up for the books, and arranged a new card to the correct address but what an absolute palaver! I eventually managed to spend the £10 and don’t see me using the account again now.

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I recently closed my account after being with them from the Beta days…

I didn’t want to pay their fees and the free tier was only letting me add two cards

I didn’t think their pricing was right for what they offered and often think these companies are greedy when it comes to subscription charges - instead of making it cheaper to attract more customers they set their prices so that only a few think it’s ok

Also multiple times using Curve has ended up with double transactions on my joined account, with one day having all 4 transactions I spent being double charged but the next day and two months on they’re still showing in my bank account as having been debited and I’m nowhere near a resolution

Hi I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had so many issues with Curve that you’ve subsequently closed your account.

Yes there’s quite a few users that’s had issues with double charging. I haven’t had such issues as yet…

As for the subscription costs, yeah it’s all over the place. What they offer their free users is sub standard and that’s me trying to be nice. I also don’t think their premium offering actually offers anything particularly premium, especially when other providers offer the same for less or better in terms of features for around the same price.

So yeah Curve has a lot of issues they need to sort out and I wish them the best.

Do I still use them? Yes, mainly because I’ve already set up Curve to handle most of my transactions online.

A silly question but have you spoken to Curve about the above?