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Anything particular in Curve Black that’s enticing? I just remember the black card being pretty slick when it was free.

I used to have it when it was a one of cost lol

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Has anyone here discovered yet that you can avoid Cash Advance fees on credit cards using Curve… i.e Curve (from a Visa Credit) > Revolut > normal Bank Debit Card > ATM. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Though I’ve no reason to, aside from “sticking it to the man”, as it were.

Yes, but there are limits and some banks charge you the cash advance as they see the MCC.

Don’t Curve now charge for the privilege? I thought people used this to recycle money for rewards but then Curve introduced a cap/fee?

Also, doing this too much would be a great way to have your credit card closed down.


Depends on the plan you’re on. Metal let you do It. Free not anymore.

You can definitely do it via Free.

Add your Credit Card to Curve
Add Curve to Apple Pay
Use Revolut with the Apple Pay top-up

I’ve tested with 3 credit card providers, and it doesn’t seem to cause an issue. Presumably, as it shows as a normal Curve purchase, which is usually a purchase.

Most card companies. Some treat It as a cash advance due to the MCC. Can’t remember which but it was mentioned quite a while back.

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Most clicked on to this and will treat as such, or just reject the payment.

And some CC providers like closing accounts linked to Curve. I know it happened a few times.

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Ummm I wanna say Creation did it some time ago for all their customers who’d abused it?

Could’ve been another company.


Has anyone successfuly used Nationwide with Curve Fronted?

Edit: and not had their account closed lol

JUst a quick question please.

Does GBIT work with moving purchases to Chase and then triggering the 1% cashback?

Works for me using Plutus for 3% - see no reason why it wouldn’t

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Yup, works with GBIT over to Chase.

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Thank you both

Curve is such a joke.
Upgraded to black to leverage cashback offers for 3 months but the app does not let me select the merchants asking to upgrade.

Did anyone ever had any problem using barclaycard with curve? (Extra Fees, Account Closures, Payment Declined ?) Google/Apple pay is not supported so Curve seems to be the last solution.