Curve chat

You’re not missing much don’t worry

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Said expect to wait for a couple of days for a reply but they replied in minutes.

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It’s not been unstable for me. This is the first issue I’ve had in a couple of years.

Why use it? Well, because it saves me a fortune. This year alone, over £1000 on a car rental, several hundred on travel insurance and a few other things as well. For me metal is effectively free as the cashback more than pays the fee.


To give Plutus contactless functionality. Used to be the case with Triodos too

It’s also good to go back in time on a payment now and again too


Thanks both, It was mainly a genuine question, so that’s interesting to see what the use cases for it actually are.

Yeah, GBIT is handy too.

Also, useful for cards that don’t update in real time. Fineco has been great on holiday but the transactions come in a day or two later. Using it via Curve gives me them in real time.

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You could always see this under the card section right away

Surprised Curve came out with this first. Sensible not to use the name though cough cough


I’m surprised that a lot more people haven’t been caught out by that fraud. Booking has loads of customers and with the fraud looking so legit I’d have expected thousands to be caught.

It likely is, but people don’t always come the internet to complain.

Anyone else enter the Curve “Cash Black” promotion? Make a purchase with your curve card over the Black Friday weekend, and you are supposed to have been entered into a draw to win £1000 or other prizes. You were supposed to get a notification on Monday (yesterday) taking you to the app where you can spin the wheel and see if you have won.

So, I made a purchase with my curve card on the Sunday afternoon. And then, nothing… Contacted their chat in the app to ask but no reply yet.

I got the notification but only one when I’d made several purchases over the weekend.

I have, twice, and had the £1 X sub for 3 months about 4 times.

Entered it and didn’t win