Current Account Sneak Peeks

I am leaving Santanader, I have found their app approach to be odd like they’re not too sure what to do with them. I think they have THREE apps now to help you manage your accounts, all of them almost do the same thing …


Santander have their strengths but are never likely to compete in the tech department. They are what they are. :neutral_face:


Ill continue to use Santander for my joint account as their cashback and interest is good (cashback on mortgage payment alone outweighs their fee). Ill switch over my own current account to monzo when available though.


Absolutely agree. Also none of their app really works because you have to wait more than 2/3 days to have all your transactions. Monzo app has a much greater UX and flexibility. Can’t wait to be able to access the new account!

:eye: :eye: weirdly excited for the preview …


I have issues with my bank ALL the time… and then have to spend extra time on the phone trying to fix it and only if I am in the country. I had an issue with my Monzo in Warsaw, got onto the chat in two minutes where someone was replying and helping me within another minute. I got a new card sent to my home address as the contactless wasn’t working and didn’t have to remember any of those account login details and home address etc. It was an amazing experience, and I even said that at the time… I am just waiting for the day I can use my Monzo as my main or even only account! :smiley:


My kingdom for current account access. My fiancé and I just got a joint account, coming up to two weeks and still don’t have online access due to their archaic/inane security policies and procedures, which all require things to be dropped in the post (which of course is 100% reliable and never gets lost).

Save me.

@hugo is such a tease


I promise to post a few cool screens before the weekend :slight_smile:

I think I’m pushing the HYPE machine a bit too much on this one…


Unsubstantiated rumour: @hugo just told me he hasn’t even designed anything and just wants to get his like count up…


I’m flagging all his posts so he gets banned then :joy:


Completely made up rumour: @tristan is saying crap about @hugo to surpass Hugo’s likes. :eyes:
Here’s proof:



Stooping to such lows in an attempt to pass @alexs. :wink:


Just in case people were keeping an eye out for updates here:

There’s your sneak peak! :wink:


The geo-location tracking is the most obvious I think? and way beyond the likes of Santander… Checking whether your phone is where your card is being used, and alerting you if this isn’t the case?

Assuming I’ve understood that right @hugo @tom?

Where the current account preview then @hugo

It’s here, you posted the 1st reply remember? :slight_smile:

Thats more breakdown then current app more like spending😊

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