Current account card colour and accessibility

(Rodica Marvan-Harrison) #1

I received my current account card in the post yesterday. I have a thought regarding the colour of the card. At first I thought it was the same distinct neon coral (instantly making me think oh no I’m going to get the cards mixed up on first glance), upon comparing it to my prepaid card I see that it is in fact a neon orange. Personally it is not a huge problem for me that the colours are so similar (I would have preferred a bright purple/blue or something, it still fits in line with the neon theme but shows a distinct difference). However, I do wonder how those with colour blindess will fair with the very similar colours and whether they would be able to see the difference at all.

(Hugh) #2

As the prepaid cards are going away this won’t be an issue (you will only have one Monzo debit card per user)

Hard to Distinguish Between Debit & Prepaid Cards (Colour)
(Rodica Marvan-Harrison) #3

In that case, why not make them both the neon coral? Rather than another neon thats slightly different (and not as special in my opinion).


Current account card has your name on it.
Prepaid card does not have your name on it.

This is a non-problem in the grand scheme of things. If anyone really does have difficulty, put a sticker on one of the cards to help you.

(Rodica Marvan-Harrison) #5

Of course in the grand scheme of things it is not a huge issue but to me Monzo is all in the details and these micro-interactions are what make Monzo special. For me, I enjoy the thought put into every detail, I’m sure for some (like yourself) this will not be a problem. I’m just voicing my opinion on the matter :slight_smile:


I’ll admit, the two cards in my wallet are not easily discernible, but I know it’s not going to be an issue for long.