Well aside from the real world of traditional finance it shouldn’t be, but relative to its competitors in the crypto bubble it’s undervalued. Litecoin has great partnerships & is making inroads in providing real world utility.

In Satoshis, LTC has suffered after the LitePay (LTC visa debit card) debacle and add that to the fact that the founder sold all his LTC at the All Time High levels, I think the wider crypto speculators have lost faith in Litecoin.

(I invented greengages. There was only fuel guages prior to this. ) #22

Ah. Thanks for your explanation. It seems more complicated than the traditional supply and demand thing I’m used to. :+1:

(Bruce) #23

Fork excitement … though has paid off in the past


Absolutely… forks are regarded as ‘free lunches’ in crypto and BCH is scheduled to fork May 15; though I’m wary of this one because I read that this “fork” is not an airdrop but a software update.

(lewis oconnor) #25

anyone using electroneum?
if so hows your experience been
and if anyone would like to start my referral code is E62B85

(Ben Wilkes) #26

IOTA is definitely one to watch.

It’s a slightly different technology, but if it achieves all it claims it could kill blockchain as a currency medium due to its lack of scalability. Blockchain as a whole is a very interesting technology though. These are interesting times.

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(Bruce) #29

Haha glad there’s still a post a month on crypto! Bet :monzo: are happy they didn’t burn the dev days to implement some form of crypto now…

Until the next rise :tada: