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I’m going to withdraw my PLU to Coinbase so I could spend the money from there and save interacting a bank account with crypto exchange


New rules from Nationwide


What’s the standard daily card limit?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with stating you can’t use a credit card for crypto. Some trading apps don’t allow this either and I think it’s a similar thing for me anyway.

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From Revolut wekly insights :nerd_face:

Crypto market is recovering since Jan 2023 :money_mouth_face:

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Bitcoin Rollercoaster - Rollercoaster GIF - Rollercoaster ...

Looks like it has still got a loooong way to go.


This is the price over the last 12 months.

The current resurgence seems to be driven by the banking crisis (driven by Credit Suisse, Silicon Valley bank, etc) rather than any change to the fundamentals of Bitcoin.

Interestingly, the number of Bitcoin transactions has remained relatively static over the last few years. It doesn’t, to me at least, look like a currency that’s taking over the world.

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The irony of this sentence is not lost on me.

It is written in the Genesis block:

This is one of the fundamentals of Bitcoin, if not the biggest one - an alternative monetary system to fractional reserve banking.

At the very least, it’s nice to see Bitcoin not act as a risk-on asset that just correlates with the Tradfi.

These insights are nice in a bull phase, pretty psychologically challenging in a protracted bear market. I turned most of my Coinbase alerts off, does Revolut let you opt out too?

I prefer to keep notifications on as I invested in 30+ different tokens :face_with_monocle:

Never know, which Altcoin will skyrock next :rocket:

Even for a Bitcoin firm the extent of illegal activity here is somewhat shocking.

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Yeah, but no, but yeah, but… :us_outlying_islands: :thinking:

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Anyone have any views on the ‘ledger recovery’ ‘feature’

May help :thinking:

I did my first swap via a dex and Metamask and honestly the hassle wasn’t worth it nor the stress I could have accidentally swapped for a scam coin or sent to the wrong address.

Coinbase or similar (even with the lawsuits currently) is the easiest and safest way to get involved and such. And that’s the way if ever it will take off.

The other ways are just less safe and cuberssome, swap this to this network, swap to this to connect to that … etc

Banking is far superior in my eyes even with additional fees

Quite an interesting article in The Times today. Reports on upcoming changes to UK regulations as well as outcomes from a survey of 2300 UK crypto owners.

If this is paywalled, it’s probably also reported elsewhere


I’ve also seen that they’re looking to ban refer a friend promotions - so I’m rather tempted to do every single one available from r/beermoney. Just did one with Uphold for €40 BTC.

I don’t get why they’re doing it - why is anyone more likely to lose money reaching an exchange from a referral than off Google?

I’ve been dealing with Coinbase customer services recently and they’re absolutely horrendous. The trade off with holding crypto is safety of an exchanges access versus it going down with no backstop - wallet storage avoids this but you can forget your secret phrase or have it stolen… I don’t own enough for it to be worry right now

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Because someone doing their own research and finding something off Google is acting on their own initiative, broadly speaking.

Compared to someone signing up from a referral because they weren’t particularly interested but their mate press-ganged them into it.

One’s push, the other’s pull, and the distinction can be considered vital. Granted, there’s the niche group of “Will Google first and then search for referral codes to save money”, but there’s no way to not take them out as collateral when serving the main aim of ‘protecting suckers who otherwise wouldn’t have got involved’.

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I’m not here for it personally - if anything it introduces more opportunities to get targeted literature into said persons inbox etc. The person referring you may well be able to educate. I think setting parameters around the referrals would be better e.g getting rid of ones that force you to trade something like $200 to get a referral bonus. It’s fine for someone who has money and or the willingness to take the funds straight back out but not people living pay check to pay check. Targeted legislation is always better than a blanket ban imo.

Also if you’re going to ban referrals for this, referrals for apps where you can pick stocks should go as well. You can easily sign up to Trading 212 and put all your life savings into Argo Blockchain or even non crypto related stock like Novavax for instance and lose your lunch. You can do CFDs. The fact it’s regulated won’t really help you there.