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I don’t know what “linked to a tornado” means. But if its tied up in a way that makes you think you can’t withdraw (convert to cash), what makes you think you can use the crypto to purchase amazon vouchers?

No one really knows whether any crypto will go back up or not. Any chance of it doing so will already be priced in, along with any chance of it going down much further.

If there was someone here that could predict the crypto markets they’d be a multimillionaire by now at least.


Oh no, don’t bother with that. Predicting is so fiat. Just create your own token and scam people into staking their life savings, then walk off with the cash. Cryptoqueen style. Done.


Its where funds get divided up and sent to multiple wallets then divided up again and sent to more and its repeated hundreds of times effectively confusing its original source then at the end its all joint up in a goal wallet

Websites like coin gate take any crypto all you do is send X amount to X wallet and the second theirs 6 confirmations you get your voucher code.

because i don’t have coin base and cant give my ID to sign up

Ah wondered how long before they started telling us about ‘their code’

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Ok. Don’t understand why you don’t want to use your ID, but putting that to one side……

Since you apparently can’t prove the source of the funds and whilst the value of your holding is low perhaps better to go down the voucher code route anyway (if sure the voucher code thing is not a scam).

If you hold the crypto and value goes up in the future you might have trouble converting to cash and bringing into a bank if you can’t prove the source.

If you want a small amount of crypto for speculative holding perhaps start over and purchase the crypto in a way where you can prove the source.

Paxful / Localbitcoins / Coingate can all buy your crypto without any ID you can get it into your bank or cash in hand as i sold 7k worth last week.

if you have aa vpn you can join Biance without ID or even Cashapp will buy your crypto. Ideally japan or Belgium as theirs no KYC there

if you are lucky you might live near a crypto atm machine

:person_facepalming::rofl: it’s not going very well for Celsius


So it’s a severe violation, but just low risk, before they even have the full details of the breach? Hmmm… Desperate spinning

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Is it just email addresses that have been leaked though? Doesn’t sound like a big deal to me. Email addresses are everywhere. They can be guessed. If I was worried about external parties knowing the email addresses I used to sign up to things I’d basically have to stop using the internet.


Until evidence has actually been provided, who knows. What’s taking them so long? Probably lawyers

A bit of good news for all that wasted electricity at least

Following information online, I made a double check :face_with_monocle: with :monzo: COps about crypto currency dealing

Support response :relieved:

So I dedicated a pot for my domestic crypto purchases :bar_chart::nerd_face:


Where is that second screenshot from? (the one listing what exchanges are usable with Monzo)

It doesn’t look like a Monzo page - more like a third-party ‘site’ :eyes:

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Looks like it is from here:


Good find, it is. Can’t hide that spellyn misteak - really caught my eye there.

Must do better.


Do Kwon. Where is he? :grimacing::scream: