Cryptocurrency adoption

Do people think crypto will ever become a more mainstream topic? What do you think it would take for that to happen?

With all the new fintech companies with their free/ cheap bank transfers I don’t see people putting their money into crypto to transfer across borders ( the main selling point really)

I don’t see adoption getting high.

I think Facebook’s Libra would be like PayPal maybe, people won’t keep money in there they’ll just withdraw to a bank account the whole time.

Am I right in thinking that the environmental impact of all the mining would be absolutely horrific if everyone started using cryptocurrency?

My understanding is that cc already has a huge impact despite not being in widespread use.

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Depends on what kind of Crypto. If it’s one that uses the proof of work model, then yes - but there are other models that don’t.

I can’t see it personally. Crypto currency’s value fluctuates wildly, making it completely unsuitable for day to day spending or any form of saving. For any day to day currency you really need stability, and that means the backing of a central bank.

It will continue to be held primarily as a high risk investment, with a small market for transactions on certain marketplaces where people prefer their banks and real names aren’t involved.

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Again depends on the currency. There are ones that are pegged to Fiat, like the $